DeSantis Threatens to Make Border Crisis Personal for Joe Biden


Governor Ron DeSantis recently shared his brilliant plan to turn the tables against Joe Biden and his move to fly illegal immigrants across the southern border to Florida via secret “migrant flights.”

DeSantis went on to say that he would send them to Delaware, Joe Biden’s home. He said he would provide buses and send them there. DeSantis stated that if Biden isn’t going to support the security of the border, then he should have all those there.

DeSantis’ office stated how Biden has refused to comply with immigration laws in the United States. Governor DeSantis has made it his mission to fill that void in leadership and do everything he can to protect Floridians.

A statement was released from DeSantis’s office that it would be ideal for the federal government to do its job, and use its resources to enforce federal law. But since that’s not happening the state must step up wherever necessary to mitigate the effects of the Biden Border Crisis. They said they will send migrants to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, then so be it. Biden is adamant that open borders are good for America and that he will not object to them.