America Is Hanging on by a Thread


The GOP won Virginia’s governor race by more than 66,000 votes when more than 3.2 million ballots were cast. Joe Biden’s monstrous “infrastructure” boondoggle spending bill was passed by 13 weak Republicans in Congress and 19 in Senate. One… maybe two senators stand in the way of the second, even more, the disastrous multi-trillion-dollar spending bill that D.C. liberals want to decimate us with.

America seems to be hanging on by the thinnest of margins. It’ll all be lost if liberty-loving Americans don’t come together. It’ll be lost for our children, our grandchildren, as well as future generations. If we don’t end this gang, our great-grandchildren will not know what America stands for. We need your support to win the battle

It was terrifying enough to watch the Biden and Harris teams move in, but the past 11 months have been even more frightening. All of their government officials, from cabinet secretaries to the top, are radical leftist authoritarians. Their defense department lost Afghanistan, leaving behind thousands of hostages. They are also going to bankrupt our children with these spending bills.

The Washington press corps, meanwhile, is just a bunch of idiotic slobberers who crawl over one another to help Congress and the White House screw the average American.