Parents Battling to Keep Perverts Locked up on Washington’s Pedophile Island


Parents in Washington state trying to keep the worst of the worst sex perverts from being released to a home within view of their kids’ school bus stop and daycare have filled town halls and inboxes to keep these unfixable weirdos locked up. I told you about the issue recently in another article. But the reaction by one victim’s advocate to parents at a recent town hall meeting was more than a bit confusing. It was basically a version of “thanks for the tax money, it sucks to be you, and you’re on your own.”

Let’s just say that parents who are responsible and awake these days make a lot of poor choices. The parents are the rats in this maze. Every turn seems to lead to an end.

One, if anyone in government accuses you of putting your children at risk by letting out perverts you could be arrested by the FBI SWAT team. Or, the media paints you as a right-wing religious wackadoodle. You could lose your job, business, or even your children’s friends if the media paints you as a religious right-wing wackadoodle-doo. You might be dismissed for being anti-something because it was mentioned in the media. But they are pretty certain you are a member of Al Qaeda or Angry Parent Franchise.

Parents, on the other hand, are surrounded by government lawyers who claim it is completely safe for them to release sex perverts off a remote island to be moved to a home in rural Tenino, Wash.

They are all part of the same woke mob who conspire to teach children sexual perversions and expect parents to shut up. They think that parents aren’t responsible enough to find out if their children went to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion or to the doctor to get a clot shot. Bucko, the state is now the sheriff of the town.

They were there at Enumclaw’s town hall meeting, which some key players in this scandal refused to attend. The same woke government apparatchiks that think they have your children were there to inform parents that it was up to them to protect their children. Parents and concerned citizens assumed that they were doing this naturally.

Martha Maginniss was, just days before her death, a victim advocate at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. She told the stunned group of parents that they have to keep their children safe. Talk to your children. You must have a conversation with them. You must keep them safe. Parents are responsible for their children. That is why they paid taxes to help pay for cops and other sex perverts from their children. Maginniss’s job, it seems, is to advocate for more victims.

Tenino Mayor Wayne Fournier said that it is worse than a NIMBY scenario. “[T]his facility has been forced upon [neighbors]. He said that it was important to everyone that they understand that this is not a matter of transitional housing for rehabilitative purposes that aims at reintegrating reformed people back into society. “[T]his is to warehousing civilly committed sexually aggressive predators [SVPs] for indefinitely. These SVPs have already been deemed likely re-offend, and the state is shifting responsibility for their confinement towards a private, for-profit company that employs minimally-trained, minimum-wage workers to babysit them in an unsecured house.”

Fournier adds that it gets worse. The current state law states that every community will receive a similar facility if it isn’t done.

As Glen Morgan, a long-time political observer, and YouTuber, reported, Washington’s legislature amended the law during COVID-19, when the Capitol Building was barricaded to prevent voters.

Morgan reports that the owner of this facility is an ex-employee of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. The facility is located near a daycare and a school bus stop, as well as near a playground for children.