Parental Authority Is the Basis of Civilization


As most of you already know America is heading for societal collapse.

This society teaches its children an untrue story. It teaches its children that America was founded in 1619 on slavery. This teaches them that slavery was still practiced today in America.

This society deprives its youth of their sexual innocence. Teachers, nearly all women, routinely sexualize young people with discussions about sexual behavior.

Society accepts that there are multiple genders. It has Jewish and Christian clergy signing emails with “preferred nouns”. They will praise Disney Corporation for removing any reference to “boys and girls” from its announcements about the parks.

It is possible to be socially banned and lose your income by refusing to admit that men have children.

This society encourages violence.

This is a society in which fewer and fewer young people are marrying, fewer are having children, and more are having children without being married, usually without a father in the life of the child.

All this started with the loss of moral authority. The inevitable consequences are moral, social, and intellectual chaos.

America was morally independent prior to the 1960s. It had God and country.

None are a standard in the modern world.

Every one of them was thrown out starting in the 1960s. The flag was used as a symbol of white supremacy on college campuses. Police were called “pigs” and clergy was considered non-relevant. The Bible wasn’t the most important book in American history.

The most important thing is that parental authority has declined quickly.

Moral stability or civilization is dependent on parental authority.

You’ll see that each Ten Commandments tablet has five commands. The First Four rest on Fifth, while the Second Four rest on Tenth. ”

It is important to take the first tablet.

People who follow the Fifth Commandment, “Honor Your Mother and Father” are required to fulfill the first four commands concerning “God as the One Moral Authority. ”

Parental moral authority is the vehicle for divine moral authority. “That your days will be extended” and it will go well with me. You will have a long-lasting civilization, and your parents will give you moral authority.

In the 1960s, parents started asking their children to do things. Parents became more concerned with their children’s emotions and not their actions.

High schools and elementary schools work together to reduce parental power. Parents who tell their 10-year-old that they are not biological sex children, or say that they were born as boys and are now a man, are likely to lose their child.

A breakdown in parental authority has resulted in more child-parent separation than ever before in American History. Many adult children of absent parents won’t speak to their parents due to their voting record (if they voted in support of President Donald Trump).

Chaos will reign if parents aren’t in control of the home. It is clear that either parent will be strong or states will be strong.