Fat Leonard Seeks Asylum in Venezuala After He Eludes Biden DOJ


What is the truth about “Fat Leonard”, the 350-pound figure who was accused of corruption in defense contracting, and was at the center of one of the most scandalous incidents in Navy history? In exchange for lucrative contracts to repair ships and other government businesses, millions were paid in bribes and sex to Francis Leonard, a Malaysian businessman.

One admiral was in prison by the end of a corruption scandal that ended in 2015. Eight other admirals were also censured and a group of senior officers was taken into custody. 80 admirals were then under suspicion. Our military received over $34 million in bribes to obtain intelligence about ship movements and to get repair contracts worth up to $200 million each year. He even bought the Naval Criminal Investigative Services’ “agent of the year,” who was supposed to expose his fraud.

He was eventually able to agree to a plea agreement that would have allowed him to serve 25 years in prison. However, “Fat Leonard”, a few days before San Diego’s scheduled sentencing, decided that 25 years would be too long, or even a lifetime, considering he had also been diagnosed with cancer. He packed up his U-Hauls and put his family in the car. Then he skedaddled.

While neighbors observed him moving things over several days, the Department of Justice may have been too busy planning an FBI raid on a pro-life activist who was accused of pushing someone onto a picket line. He is a master of intrigue and espionage, and it seems that Francis Glen Leonard stole himself, his family, as well as all his possessions, through the impregnable Southern border into Mexico. Fearing extradition, he decided that Venezuela was the best place to settle. Local authorities picked him up last Wednesday.

Leonard was arrested under Obama but is now free to cross the border under Biden. There are crooks and spies in power. Perhaps they’re more comfortable in the wind than in a cell where their conversations can be heard — like Jeffery Epstein. You’d think that the DOJ would have been able to see him given the millions he stole from U.S. taxpayers as well as the damage he caused to our national security. This is the Biden DOJ after all.

Today, we meet Fat Leonard, an asylum seeker and another happy veteran of Biden’s justice system. Is Fat fat? Do you still have some of the money that the government couldn’t return? It will be enough to fuel the dictatorship of this oil-fueled rogue state. Is Uncle Sam just a bit too nimble to earn the bonus points he needs for a long stay at Hotel Caracas? He can be a role model for all military contractors who are handling the billions flowing into Ukraine.