Overturned Beer Truck Spills Cases in Snowy Scene


One truck driver lost his beer load on an icy mountain highway on Monday.

California Highway Patrol posted on its social media accounts after the accident Monday morning, “Don’t get any ideas.” This scene will be cleaned.”

CHP closed three miles of I-80 westbound and diverted traffic for more than an hour to clean up the beer spill. The truck overturned after hitting an icy patch, spilling Coors Light and snow on the California mountains.

Golden State experienced a late-season storm of snow over the weekend. Central Sierra Snow Lab, a nearby facility, received 26.4 inches on May 5. This made it the snowiest day of the “winter” period.

The CHP joked that the beer cans turned blue because the mountains were blue. The icy roads didn’t deter this driver from opening the can and dumping more than a few.

The beer that featured the Rocky Mountains is now chilled on the Sierra Nevada.

According to local media, the driver and passenger received minor injuries in a hospital before being released.

Just a week before, the CHP was involved in another cleaning up. It was a more sticky situation in Fresno. On May 1, a truck delivering honey bee boxes was hit by another.

The CHP reported an “un-BEE-lievable” scene that occurred overnight when a truck carrying BEE boxes, was hit. This caused thousands of bees to scatter and their nests all over the highway in the vicinity of Selma. “Our officers were trapped in a sticky situation with thousands of worker bees for almost an hour.”

The bee boxes were smashed across the highway. Over an hour, angry worker bees swarmed around officers as they loaded bees onto another truck.

CHP officials told local media that they had saved thousands of bees. The weather was not to blame for this driver.