Princeton Hunger Strikers End Protest in the Most Unexpected and Hilarious Way


The Left is always a source of hilarity.

We’ve previously written about “hunger strikes” by Princeton activists.

They claimed the university was “starving” them because of what they had elected to do voluntarily. They threw a tantrum about how hard it was, how they were “literally shaking,” and how the university didn’t care.

The faculty members joined the fasting effort. They fasted for only 24 hours. Is a 24-hour fast a commitment? This is a ridiculous idea.

The original thirteen students decided to call off their hunger strike after ten days, they think it could be affecting their health.

“Seven more strikers” will continue to fast for an independent Palestine, they said. “I don’t think that’s how hunger strikes should be conducted.”

That was not correct. The original hunger strike lasted nine days and not ten.

The students were on a hunger strike but were clueless about how many days it had been. Can anyone take these people seriously?

“Participants will abstain from all food and drink (except water) until our demands are met. We commit our bodies to the liberation of Palestine. PRINCETON, hear us now! We will not be moved!” the group wrote in a post on May 3rd.

The post included these demands: “(1) Meet with students to discuss their demands for disclosure, divestment, and a full academic and cultural boycott of Israel; (2) Grant complete amnesty from all criminal and disciplinary charges for participants of the peaceful sit-in. Reverse all campus bans and evictions of students.”

I don’t think they understand what a “hunger strike” is or how silly they look.