16-Year-Old Arrested for Defacing WWI Memorial in Anti-Israel Act, Turned in by His Own Father


The NYPD reports that a teenage anti-Israel activist who, according to police, defaced a World War I Memorial in New York City this week was arrested and charged Thursday night after his father handed him over to the police.

The 16-year-old boy has been accused of spray painting “Gaza” across the base, along Central Park, on the Upper East Side.

Kaz Daughtry posted a picture of the handcuffed young vandal on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. The image shows him sitting in a police station on a bench. The face of the young vandal is blurred.

Daughtry posted an image on Monday of the teenager caught vandalizing a monument that depicts seven U.S. Army Soldiers in September 1918 as they burst the Hindenburg line — the strongest and last defense of the German Army.

Daughtry, who condemned the act, wrote: “The hateful vandalism that we witnessed earlier this week at the WWI Memorial won’t be ignored and will not remain unpunished.”

The World’s Best Detectives have put one of the criminals in handcuffs. This is not just a case of juvenile mischief — this is an act that desecrates the freedoms for which our heroes have fought and sacrificed. You can contact the NYPD Tips line at 800-577-TIPS if you have information about this incident.

Police say the teen was charged with two counts of criminal mischief in the third degree which are felonies and two counts of graffiti making, a misdemeanor of class A.

According to the New York Post, which cites police sources, the suspect attends Tottenville High School and is a familiar face at anti-Israel rallies. He has never been arrested before.

Demonstrators placed pro-Palestinian stickers on the memorial and spray-painted the words “Free Gaza”. They also burned the American flag.

A group of anti-Israel supporters posted a video online showing them spray-painting a Palestinian flag onto the statue.

Officials have noted that this memorial is unique compared to most others which honor high-ranking officials.

Zachary Iscol said, “This [monument] is to the Doughboys,” referring to troops who served under Army Gen. John Pershing’s American Expeditionary Forces.

A Palestinian flag was also placed on a statue near Central Park that honors Union Army Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman by protesters on Monday night. NYPD officers blocked the crowd as an officer climbed up a ladder and removed it.

Spray paint was used to deface the monument.