Oops! Awkward Sign Placement for Jill Biden During Utah High School Visit


Jill Biden, President Joe Biden’s Handler-in Chief, is a fool when she doesn’t pretend to be the president, as she did in a recent interview on “Morning Joe,” where she discussed all the things that she (not Joe), allegedly, had to do to “right” the country. She makes a fool of herself by doing things such as comparing Hispanic Americans with breakfast tacos during panderfests.

The First Lady can’t always control the cringe-worthy moments that happen. This happened this week during Mrs. Biden’s trip to Utah, where she was there to “celebrate educators”, and also to promote Joe Biden’s reelection.

She spoke at a high school in West Valley City, just outside Salt Lake City.

She said, “Never undervalue your value or power.” “Right away, someone is a more logical thinker as a result of your efforts. You made someone work a little bit harder. You helped someone find courage. Education has a profoundly hopeful quality. It is a sign of hope that you are answering this call to service. “But I know sometimes it can feel like there is just too much weight to bear for one person alone to handle.”

“… We are working to honor your profession and provide you with the support you deserve, because “educating the future is the greatest calling,” she added.

Hunter High School was the name of the school. While the signs displayed all around Jill Biden’s stop at the school read “Hunter High School,” many of the pictures and videos did not capture the word “School.”

In Jill Biden’s defense, I meant that it was the name of a school.

One would think her handlers had the foresight to choose someone who didn’t have the same surname as the notorious Biden member of the family, who has a long history of substance abuse and openly defying Congressional Subpoenas. He also has a suspicious background in foreign business dealings where his powerful and famous father allegedly played a key role.

Her staff did not, so the memes and quips on social media were quick and plentiful.

One wrote, “Jill Biden speaks at ‘Hunter High’ and I’m the only one who finds this ironic? It writes itself…”

Another person compared the sign’s unfortunate placement to an “episode of VEEP”: