J6 Bombshell: Pelosi’s Security Guard Faces Scrutiny Over Exposed Lies


Why were the Democrats so upset when House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La. Capitol CCTV will be available from January 6, 2021.

Isn’t this obvious? The video has proven the Democrats’ narrative for years. According to Democrats, for example, the Capitol Riot was a violent uprising. The footage released in November, however, contradicted this narrative. It showed peaceful protestors marching through the Capitol while security looked on with no concern.

The so-called violent demonstrators, who allegedly tried to overthrow the government, remained within the velvet rope stanchions which marked where they should be. The left was not happy about that.

New footage has cast doubt on the credibility of Nancy Pelosi’s Special Agent David Lazarus’ testimony during the Oath Keepers Trial.

Steve Baker, an investigative journalist at Blaze Media, says that newly released video clips of the U.S. Capitol’s closed-circuit television from January 6, 2021, show Capitol Police Special agent David Lazarus giving false testimony in Oath Keepers Trial.

Baker wrote an analysis in October questioning Lazarus’ testimony, which was used to convict Oath Keepers. He noted that the time-stamped CCTV footage observed by Blaze News showed Lazarus at other locations in the Capitol complex when he claimed he saw now-former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn interact with Oath Keepers in January.

Baker and other people were only able to view the videos on Jan. 6 but in a restricted and limited capacity. Blaze News, which published Baker’s analysis on Oct. 4, was only allowed to publish a single screenshot of Lazarus at the Capitol taken Jan. 6, after the then-House speaker Kevin McCarthy had been ousted the day before, and video permissions were put on hold.

What is the new video?

Baker breaks down Lazarus’ whereabouts within the Capitol complex minute by minute using time-stamped videos recorded on Capitol CCTV cameras.

Baker stated that Lazarus, who testified that he had seen Dunn and the Oath Keepers, “couldn’t have” witnessed Dunn because the CCTV footage shows Lazarus was “in another building about a quarter mile away” during that time.

Baker also said that the newly released videos revealing Lazarus’ location were “never” released to Oath Keepers defense attorneys during the trial.

Baker stated in a BlazeTV video on Monday that “this should rock the Capitol Police.” We received messages from sources at [the Department of Justice] Washington that they are ‘terrified” of this story.

Baker also obtained a screenshot of an email that he claims was sent between Capitol Police leaders. Baker stated that they were “concerned” about the attention the story received.

Below is a video: