Biden Team’s Abysmal Response to Missing SEALs Raises Concerns – What’s Happening?


We reported that two Navy SEALs were missing in Somalia after one fell into the water and another jumped in to rescue the first. Last Thursday night, they were attempting to board a Dhow in rough waters during a nighttime seize. The boat was allegedly carrying Iranian propulsion, guidance, and warheads that were intended for the Houthis.

The SEALs operated from the expeditionary mobile USS Lewis B. Puller on the Somali coast, with the mission to stop the supply of advanced weaponry to the Houthis. The SEALs boarded the dhow using a small boat – probably an 11-meter Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Craft – while supported by drones and helicopters.

The Biden team has not provided any more answers.

Brig. Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder initially seemed to be unable to understand why reporters wanted an update and what they asked for.

When you say “update”, what do you mean? Ryder replied, as if the reporter had not been clear enough or needed more explanation. If you even have a half-brain cell, how are you unprepared to answer the first question that you will be asked?

Ryder stated that the search was still ongoing, and their prayers and thoughts were with the families. He stated that they had no news after nearly a week.

They have no further information when people are missing in their own backyard. What’s wrong with choppy waves and darkness after this? They don’t want to admit that they cannot recover the items. Is there something else they’re not saying? When the Biden team gives us gas, they tell so many stories that we begin to wonder.

We’ve seen it in many different ways. Defense Lloyd Austin’s medical problems.

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, also did not have an answer to this question. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, just keeps moving on. She sounds very bored and huffy.

Hamas seems to have the same attitude towards the American hostages that it has been holding. They have stopped mentioning them and hope that people will forget about it now.

The “adults” are back in charge.