NYT Reporter Comes Clean, Admits Lefty Media Were Making Too Big a Deal About January 6


Matthew Rosenberg, a Pulitzer-prize winning National Security reporter for one of America’s largest newspapers, has revealed on an undercover video that he is aware of what many of us know: The lefty news media is exaggerating the events of January 6, 2021.

Rosenberg also calls some of his coworkers “f ****** idiots” and “f ****** who react to their J6 “trauma” overly.

“But, like all these coworkers who were in [Capitol] Building, and they’re like ‘Oh My God, it was so frightening’, I’m like, ‘f*** off. ‘”

Rosenberg also stated that there was a “ton” of FBI informants in the Capitol.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, was fired from Twitter after he posted a video in which Charlie Chester, a CNN technical director, boasted that CNN produces propaganda.

O’Keefe, along with two other Project Veritas journalists, had their homes searched for a diary that Ashley Biden’s daughter Ashley kept. It contained entries saying she took “not suitable showers” when she was younger and believed she was sexually molested.

The kicker is that Rosenberg’s NYT articles defy everything he has said privately. Rosenberg has claimed that the idea that FBI informants are in the Capitol is “reimagining January 6.” However, he has also written that it was “a violent interruption of the transition of power” in American history.

Rosenberg tells Project Veritas’ undercover reporter that the left’s reaction, in some cases, to January 6, was so extreme.