Peter Doocy Humiliates Psaki Over Gas Prices, and It’s Glorious


It is amazing to see Peter Doocy, Fox News White House Correspondent, go head-tohead with Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary. It’s quite brutal to be beaten by him with questions she doesn’t want answers.

He hammered on Wednesday for four minutes, hitting various White House lies about Keystone XL or gas permits. It was embarrassing.

My favorite part of the confrontation was when Doocy called out Biden’s administration for trying to rebrand high gas prices as the “Putin Price Hike.” This apparent reference to a tweet White House Communications director Kate Bedingfield had tweeted, in which she stated, “For months Putin is saber-rattling and for months gasoline prices have been rising – up 75cs since he started his military buildup. This is the #PutinPriceHike at work, and @POTUS will use every tool at his fingertips to protect Americans from pain at their pumps.

Doocy asked, “Why did you guys decide rebranding the rise in gasoline prices as the #PutinPriceHike?”

She chuckled, because she apparently thought it was funny.

Doocy replied, “I think it will get a lot more airtime,” Doocy said, “because we’ve heard the President warn for months that gas prices were rising due to the supply chain and post-pandemic demand.” Why aren’t we hearing it now, if you knew for months that this would be the “hashtag Putin price rise”,

Psaki then went on a lengthy, rambling non-answer.

Peter, if you go back six months, I don’t think anyone was predicting that we would be exactly there as it relates Russia and Ukraine,” she stated, disregarding rising gas prices and Biden’s excuse Rolodex to them through 2021. “As you all know, events around the globe, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, can cause instability and volatility on the global oil markets.”

Psaki then cited “outside analysts and economists” who said that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his subsequent build-up of troops had “led to a lot the instability and volatility on the oil markets.”

“So, if the build-up by President Putin of military troops is causing volatility and an increase oil prices and prices, Putin has Putin pump gas pump rise.”

Psaki did not mention that gas prices have been rising literally all through Biden’s presidency. Although gas prices have risen faster than ever since Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014, the majority of the rise in gas prices and therefore the burden that the American people currently bear under Biden’s presidency, was before the invasion. The White House strategy is to pretend that gas prices haven’t increased since then.