Liberal Reporter Tries to Ask DeSantis a Biased Question, Gets Wrecked


Can Fla. Governor. Can Ron Desantis be President now? Please? He was simply amazing in his handling of a biased reporter trying to push a liberal talking points while asking a question.

A brief background: The Parental rights in Education bill is currently moving through the Florida legislature. The state house has already approved the bill and the Senate is expected today to approve it. Gov. DeSantis will sign the bill into law and it will go into effect in this summer. The bill basically allows children to have a normal childhood, and parents can take responsibility for their children’s moral development at an early age. This bill prohibits schools from teaching children gender weirdness and exotic sexuality in kindergarten through third grade. The bill also allows parents to see what schools do to their children’s mental health. It also provides for cases where a parent may need to tell a student about their emotional problems.

Most of us would be surprised to find that the law’s provisions are not already in place in schools. However, the Left is shrieking and wailin’. They call the bill “Don’t Say Gay” and campaign hysterically against.

WFLA reporter Evan Donovan posed a loaded question to DeSantis as he was giving a press conference on the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. DeSantis rebuffed him.

DeSantis was not having it and interrupts the reporter. He asked, “Does it mention that in the bill?” Donovan tried not to stop, but DeSantis continued his question.

Donovan tried a different narrative. “It states it bans classroom instruction in sexual identity and gender orientation —

DeSantis asked, “For whom?” before answering his own question. “For grades preK through three, so five, six, and seven-year olds. DeSantis said, “And so we disabuse of those narratives.”

The gallant governor stated, “We’re going make sure that parents can send their child to kindergarten without having any of this stuff injected into the school curriculum.”

If I was in the baby industry at this time in my life, I would have no choice but raise my children in Florida. Gov. DeSantis embodies everything that we love about Trump: common sense, moral clarity and plain talk. 2024 is not going to be a quick one.