NYC Mayor Adams Brings Back Plainclothes Unit That de Blasio Disbanded


Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, announced Monday that a plainclothes unit of police charged with combating gun violence would be relaunched following its disbandment during the “defund police” movement. This was supported by former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This unit, renamed “neighborhood security teams”, will be responsible for patrolling 30 precincts in which 80% of violence occurs.

De Blasio proudly disbanded his 600-officer unit, as most of those arrested for gun crimes were minorities. De Blasio was happy with his ineffective initiative at the time.

“This is a seismic change in the culture of the N.Y.P.D. Commissioner Dermot F.Shea stated that the city’s police force “polices this great city”. Commissioner, it was. It is too bad that the seismic shift ended up favoring criminals.

Betsy Brantner Smith, a former police sergeant, and spokeswoman for the National Police Association explained to Fox News about the benefits of these plainclothes units.

She stated that while officers in plain clothes should be free to move around the city, they must pay attention to areas where violent crime is highest. “When we think about New York City, as with many other large cities, it’s very likely that it will be in the most poverty areas.

She said, “So, we have to use logic.” “We have to use statistics to look at the locations of violent crime and who is committing it. Then, we need to put plainclothes resources into those areas. Plainclothes officers can move much more freely in these areas to be able to detect violent criminals and stop them. We also hope to remove illegal firearms from the streets.

This announcement was made as the NYPD mourns the loss of an officer in uniform. Officer Jason Rivera, who was responding to a domestic emergency on Friday, was shot and killed. Officer Wilbert Mora (27), is still in critical condition. A third officer shot the gunman and he later died from his injuries.

Brantner Smith, speaking to Fox News Digital Monday before Adams’ press conference, stated that “it’s time for the politics out of police and crime response and prevention.” Remember, we got rid of this, the gun unit the mayor is bringing home. This was done for political reasons. When it comes to people’s safety, politics has no place.

Brantner Smith stated, “After looking at the past 20 months in the country, I think it is safe to say that these pro-criminal policies are not working.” They are a danger to people, particularly in urban areas. They are especially dangerous to people of color if you take a look at the murder statistics.

Adams is a former officer in the police force and was elected borough president. He ran on a “law and Order” platform and pledged to increase police funding that had been cut by one billion dollars under Bill de Blasio.

Adams created a comprehensive plan to address the problem of gun violence, including jobs for youth and mental health initiatives.

The main focus is on police officers and the correction of the criminal justice system.

“I’m prepared for the battle. Adams, a former NYPD Captain, stated that he is ready for battle and that his life experiences have prepared him for this moment.

Adams’ changes are acceptable as long as they work. What good is a heightened police presence if radical prosecutors will just open the jail doors and let the criminals go free?

A more heuristic approach is required to combat crime in cities. It remains to be seen if Adams can unite the forces against the evil forces.