The Radical Left is Showing Liberals and Conservatives That We Can Be Friends Again


It wasn’t so long ago that liberals and conservatives were often friends. Rush Limbaugh and James Carville, Democrat fixer, were friends (or perhaps frenemies). Hollywood used to acknowledge that likable conservatives existed and that liberals could love them. Family Ties was the most striking example. Alex P. Keaton held onto his briefcase with framed photos of Ronald Reagan, while his parents sang hippie songs and protested nuclear proliferation. Both sides were not taken seriously but each side was seen as valid ways to see life. Each side was viewed as normal, lovable and good.

The fiery, black conservative Uncle Phil was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He didn’t tolerate any nonsense and demanded excellence from his family. Can you picture Hollywood today creating a black conservative character that we love? This is a rare occurrence. You can be sure that if they do manage to get a Republican on a show, they will be the killer, the bad date or the loser.

Because Hollywood’s radical left hates conservatives, no one wants to write Alex Keaton. They wouldn’t even consider inviting them over for dinner unless they were victims of a horrific killing that a blue-haired, non-binary character would solve. Michael Patrick King, the showrunner for the abject And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot, would be my challenge. He is the one who knows and socializes most with Trump supporters. I suspect he’d stare blankly at me.

My YouTube comments about the horrible show that is making people angry on both sides have created a lot more conversation in America. It is not acceptable to argue fervently but to still get along with others and share meals together, realizing that we are all in this boat and need each other to keep it moving. After years of feeling hated and rejected by people left of the center (and sometimes even center people), I found it refreshing to receive comments on my videos. I’ve actually turned the books on my shelves to avoid being asked by neighbors “Why are you reading Ann Coulter or Ayn Rand?” and have enjoyed a game of cards. It didn’t work out, though. They quickly discovered my political views and stopped speaking to me.

As I was reading the news commentary on And Just Like That, I recorded myself. I then compared my take to it with the Washington Times piece. I decided that the difference between “liberal” and “radical left should be clarified and distinguished. I miss the liberals from twenty years ago. I’d rather have a James Carville-type liberal than the radicalized, authoritarian fundamentalist, gender-obsessed women in the Democrat party today. True liberals might vote Democrat but still believe in free speech. They are not against forcing others to follow speech codes, thought policing, or forcing people to bake cakes they don’t like to bake.

If you don’t support liberty for your political opponents, then you can’t call yourself a liberal. If your values include stifling the opposing side with big tech censorship or imposing force on behavior, you can’t be called a liberal. True liberals would be open to debate and have drinks with their opponent. They wouldn’t set fire to the building so that opposing views can’t hear them (as Antifa did in Berkeley to stop Milo Yiannopoulous speaking). True liberals believe that although I might not like what you have to say, I will defend your right to speak it. This comment was made after I explained my views about the difference between a liberal and a radical leftist.

Yes, radicals can be distinguished from liberals. THANK YOU FOR the clarification! Although I am a liberal woman of colour, I do not like the show’s representation of POC. I don’t agree with the show’s attempt to be “woke”, compensating for the total lack of POC on SATC. Although I am a conservative, I enjoy your videos on AJLT and I’m a subscriber. This show is very similar to ours. The difference between conservatives and liberals comes more from generational differences. I’m a Gen Xer. I have probably more in common than you with the [columnist] than with a “liberal Gen Zer/millennial tw*t. Therefore, I hope conservatives will be as thoughtful about liberals.

I was encouraged by this comment and it gave me hope that we might be able to make new friends. I hate an echo chamber, which is why I don’t like the alternative social media platforms set up by conservatives. It’s great to have a lively debate with others who see the world in a different way than you, but who can still agree that we are all Americans who love our country.

I can’t do a better job of explaining to liberals why the radical left might want to leave them. And Just Like That is a perfect example. It pushes radical gender- and critical-race ideology down your throat using a toilet plunger. They don’t seem to know what they did, but people who have voted Democrat over the past 30 years or so are wondering, “Who the hell are these horrible people?”

They are normalizing cheating and not considering one’s spouse. This is driving everyone crazy and forcing people into using pronouns that don’t flow easily off the tongue. It doesn’t affect the English language or our understanding of it. They are telling us that children should have the ability to make life-changing decisions for themselves at thirteen, with guidance from administrators and teachers who know everything. By the way, it’s been two years since COVID and teachers unions played with our children’s educations. There isn’t a single parent who doesn’t give their school administrators the side eye and a very brief leash. It is extremely tone deaf to make school administrators the experts on what’s best for our children. The school situation is so bad that parents are not able to bear it. Are you familiar with any meetings of the school board?

Roasting AJLT has revealed a whole community, liberal and conservative, that are united in their disgust at what radical leftism is doing entertainment. This is a great opportunity to reach out and so I did. We must make friends again if we want America to come back. Let’s have a good time while we drink cosmos and drag this horrible, terrible, no-good show.

Another positive thing that came out of the worst TV show is that YouTube has opened up a whole new genre of entertainment. There are many channels that create much more entertaining content than Michael Patrick King could ever dream of. If this trend continues, I believe that entertainment that we desire will be created. Miranda Hobbes’ Cheap Wig, a Twitter account, has shared a wonderful thread of entertainment around this horrible show.

Real Housewives Recaps is my favorite. Jay and Jenifer make hilarious parodies about “And Woke Like That.” Cate the Great Beauty, a beauty vlogger and actress, does an amazing Samantha Jones impression. Warning: Language and adult content (it’s Samantha Jones). What would you expect?

These women are amazing and so much fun. I would love to be friends and don’t care about who their votes were. Maybe it wouldn’t matter as much if we cared more about each other than about the election results.