Military Whistleblowers May Blow Up the COVID Vaccine Narrative


Thousands marched to Washington, D.C., in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Corporate media did not cover the protest, if at all. On Monday, Senator Ron Johnson (R.Wis.), held an all-day panel to give researchers and clinicians fighting vaccine mandates more attention. This is the latest panel he hosts since 2020. Johnson was a covid sufferer and became an advocate for vaccines and early treatment.

Two speakers shared shocking statistics on illness and disease in military personnel over the period of 11 months COVID vaccines were available. Leigh Dennis, a human rights lawyer, raised concerns about the Department of Defense (DOD), tracking system data regarding myocarditis. Myocarditis is not a side effect that the FDA warns about with mRNA vaccines.

Dennis informed Johnson that there were 1,239 cases of acute myocarditis in August 2021 when a DOD report was done. Only 307 cases are found when the same report is done for the same time period. She also stated that January 2022’s initial report had 176 cases. It now shows 17 cases.

Dennis stated that the military data is the most complete because it includes baseline rates. For the five previous years, there were an average of 1.7 million cases of each type of disease. It jumped to almost 22 million ten months after the vaccination program was launched. Dennis said:

We shouldn’t be calling this suspicious. We must be honest with the DOD. Let me close by saying that they are charged with at least part of protecting the safety and welfare of those who defend this country. These numbers are a sign that something is seriously wrong.

Dennis and Thomas Rentz are working together to support three whistleblowers, who are military doctors who have signed affidavits as perjury. Renz identified them both as Lt. Colonel Dr. Theresa Long and Dr. Samuel Sigoloff. Col. Dr. Peter Chambers. Renz stated that the data provided by the doctors showed alarming increases for several diagnoses.

Nearly three times as many miscarriages were reported than the average five-year period. Three times as many new cancer diagnoses were made than the average five-year period. There have been more than 800,000.

This data is a signal that further investigation is required. Researchers must prove causation, just like with any correlation. It does not seem that there is any serious question. Anecdotal evidence has shown that vaccines can cause reproductive problems in women. The agencies have just published information confirming this. If confirmed by the DOD, this data raises concerns about safety during pregnancy and childbearing. The CDC recommends vaccinations for Americans below the age of 5 and pregnant women.

Renz claims that the CDC receives data directly from the Department of Defense via Project Salus. This is even more concerning. Renz reported that 71% of new COVID cases were vaccinated and 60% of hospitalizations were complete in the weekly report of September 28, 2021. Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly appeared on television to claim that the late summer wave was a pandemic among the unvaccinated.

Unlike the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, (VAERS), which allows anyone to submit a report. The information provided by these would more closely resemble insurance claims data with diagnosis codes. Kaiser Northwest’s claims data showed that myopericarditis occurred in 1 in 1,860 males aged 18-24, and 1 in 2,650 boys aged 12-17. This was two-times higher than the FDA’s previously quoted number of 1 in 5,000. It wouldn’t surprise if DOD data revealed higher rates of post-vaccine illness than the FDA or CDC report using the less strict systems they use.

Dennis asked Johnson for the testimony of whistleblowers. Johnson agreed to do so and made it public. Johnson agreed to take their transcripted interviews and told the DOD that he had put them on notice to keep all records in case of an investigation. An estimated 40,000 troops were still unvaccinated or under threat of being discharged as of December 2021. Each branch implements its own policy within the mandate. Military readiness will be further impacted by an increase in heart disease and cancer. While hotspots around the world, such as the Ukrainian border are heating up, all of this is happening.