NYC Bound: Trump-Supporting Truckers Boycott Route Over $355M Fine


A new twist has emerged in the fallout of Friday’s shocking news about a New York judge’s ruling ordering the former president Donald Trump and others from the Trump Organization to pay fines amounting to approximately $355,000,000, in addition to barring them from serving as officers or directors in any New York legal entities or corporations. Trump-supporting truckers aren’t pleased.

One of the truckers is called “Chicago Ray”.

Chicago Ray – a social media influencer – posted a soiled clip on X (formerly Twitter) after the announcement. As I said above, he was not happy.

Three guys texted their boss saying that (NYC truckers) were (95%) Donald Trump. You know that it will be overturned by appeal. But you also know how difficult it is to get one of these companies into New York. Stop the nonsense. See you on the road.

The question that arises is: If it happens, will it spread?

Ray said that he has already talked to his colleagues, who have informed their bosses that they will also refuse to drive within the city.

I have no idea where it is or how many trucks will refuse to deliver loads to New York City. But I will tell you what — f**k your own a** and find out.

Do you know how difficult it is for him [to enter New York City] in one of his motherf**kers? F**k that.

Ray stated that his boss wouldn’t care if Ray denied the allegations. They would move to another location.

What Sayeth Donald?

The former president was furious about the decision in a lengthy statement.

New York State, and America, are being attacked by partisans who are deluded, biased, and biased. Tish Jim, A.G. is a corrupt, racist prosecutor that has spent years “getting Trump”. She used Crooked Judge Engoron to get an un-American and illegal judgment against me, my family, and others.

The TRUMP brand was not included in the financial statements. This was a total SCAM. Ironclad Disclaimers (“Buyer Beware, do your due diligence”) and Amazing Properties all over the World. The opposite side had only a ridiculous $18-million value of Mar-a-Lago. The other side had an unconstitutional gag order, a Consumer Fraud Statute which had never been used, no jury, and refused to pass the disgusting charade to the Commercial Division, where it could be put to an end.

The Appellate Division has ended this “case”, and let my daughter Ivanka out of this Witch Hunt. This case will be overturned. We won’t let Crooked Joe Biden, who has weaponized his persecution for injustice, get away with it.


Trump told reporters that he will appeal the decision once it is made.

The Bottom Line

I usually don’t make political predictions, but here I do.

Let’s pretend or assume (for the moment) that Trump wins his final appeal. The decision will likely be made after the November election, and it will be based on a “no-victim” defense.

This is the result. If it’s the one we get, the true goal of Biden, Judge Engoron, and the Democrat Party as a whole, as well as the “mainstream media” will be achieved.