Colorado Dems Propose Ban on HOW MANY Guns? Controversy Erupts


Colorado Democrats have launched a vicious attack on our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. The new bill will ban anyone from buying, manufacturing, or importing semiautomatic rifles or pistols, selling them, or transferring ownership. “The list of prohibited firearms isn’t a precise count as some are blanket bans, such as “Windham Weaponry AR Rifles” or “All Uzi Types of pistols”.

The headline “How many guns?” When the headline asks “How many guns?

Denver Democratic Reps. Elisabeth Epps and Tim Hernandez introduced House Bill 24-1292 this week, entitled “Prohibit certain guns used in mass shootings.”

Epps, a member of the Democratic Socialists in America, insists on “Migration”, as a human right. Epps is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and insists that “Migration” is a right. ”

Lefty jargon describes “whites or Jews who live in areas where they are not welcomed.” The reason is that the current way of fighting racism is to keep unwanted people at bay. ”

I’d also like to remind my fellow Coloradans that we will need all the guns when “progressive GenZ-ers” such as these two take complete control of Colorado.


Back to HB24-1292. The bill claims that “the deadliest mass shootings” in the United States have been caused by assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, and that these weapons “have no place in a civilized society.”

If HB24-1292 is passed, it will also prohibit anyone from possessing a “rapid fire trigger activator” and impose a “first-time penalty” of $250,000 and a $5000 fine for subsequent violations.

Exemptions will apply to the police and the armed forces.

The bill permits firearms dealers the right to sell their existing stock of prohibited firearms up until August 1, 2024. The sales are only allowed to peace officers and non-Colorado residents. ”

According to The Center Square’s Derek Draplin, “Democrat-sponsored bills are also being worked on in Denver for stricter concealed weapon training requirements, merchant category codes to be required when purchasing firearms and ammunition, and to ensure gun owners have liability insurance.”

Denver’s gang bangers are going to do an excellent job with the last item.

I always thought I’d die on Colorado’s Front Range, hopefully at a good age. Since authoritarian Democrats are in charge of the state and there is no relief for my retirement plans in sight, my plans can be summarized in one word: Texas.