Nun Takes Out Environmentalist With Incredible Flying Tackle at Protest


In the past, we’ve seen environmentalists take some wild actions, from gluing themselves to roads to throwing paint on priceless artwork.

Recently, they’ve been on fire. This is especially true of their anti-oil demonstrations in Europe.

The most irritating protests are the ones that block roads and irritate motorists both at home and abroad. The Burning Man festival was a wild time, but the tribal police were not having it.

One nun, however, found a unique way to respond to these questions that you won’t see any time soon.

An order of nuns is trying to build a chapel and a Catholic center in Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, France. There has been a long-running battle between environmentalists and nuns to build the chapel. They claim they are concerned about “the environmental footprint” of the project, as well as a rare plant in the area.

The Sisters formed a circle around the excavators and prayed to stop the environmentalists from attaching themselves, as they had done the previous week.

Some environmentalists tried to stop this project once again. One of them is running with pipes. Some people suggested that the pipes could have been part of the plan of the environmentalists since they often use pipes to connect themselves. This makes it more difficult for police to remove them from the obstruction.

The nun acted immediately.

This is the translation:

The good sister that dumps an environmentalist… A big spectacle in Ardeche, where nuns defend a construction site for a future religious center against activists who block it due to its impact on the environment.

This tackle is on par with NFL standards. I bet the environmentalist did not expect to receive such a good defense from his sisters. This clip is a viral hit and has been viewed by more than 4,000,000 people. Many have praised the sister’s good deeds. What a flying nun! The environmentalist has learned a valuable lesson: Never mess with nuns who are charged with spirit. She was having a nun of that. She certainly proved that God helps those who are self-sufficient. Someone else also trampled on the pipe.