Ramaswamy Takes Hannity to School in Heated Interview


The hackiest of all hacks of all time, Sean Hannity, had Vivek Ramaswamy on his show to berate him for not going along mindlessly with forever-wars like a good Republican is supposed to do. This is a red line for Hannity, who cares deeply about sending other people’s children, using other people’s money, to die in pointless wars in perpetuity.

Via The Hill

Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican presidential candidate, and Fox News host Sean Hannity exchanged barbs when the GOP candidate appeared on the evening program Thursday.

Hannity, during the heated exchange with Ramaswamy, pressed him about some of the statements he made while campaigning, especially in relation to foreign policy, and the former U.N. Nikki Haley is one of his Republican opponents in 2024.

Hannity asked, “Why would Nikki Haley be corrupt?”

Ramaswamy: “If you are making money from your time as a government official, I do not think that you are fit to be the president of the United States.”

Hannity responded, “A lot of people think you aren’t qualified because you weren’t even a Republican, or voting Republican, until what year? 2020?”

Ramaswamy replied, “Well Sean it depends what your goals are with this interview. I voted Libertarian in my very first election. In 2020, I voted Republican. You’re correct, I am not a partisan hack. I’m an outsider. I am an independent patriot who speaks the truth.”

Nikki Haley is demonstrably corrupt, and I do not think she’s qualified to be President based on the financial interests that she has in promoting endless wars. Technically, according to Constitutional requirements, she is qualified. I do not mean that she should be barred from running for office. But I wouldn’t vote for such a corrupt hack. Other people can decide for themselves on this score.

Sean Hannity concludes that Vivek was not qualified to run for president because he had never been elected to public office. Hannity, however, seems to forget that Donald Trump’s boyfriend also has never held a public office.

Vivek made some playful jabs about how Hannity compares poorly to Tucker Carlson before the interview ended abruptly.

I’d bet that Sean Hannity is investing a large portion of his Fox News fortune — perhaps millions, if not even tens or hundreds of millions — in war contractors. I wonder if he will sue me one day so that we can examine his Swampy Portfolio and discover the truth.