AOC’s Views on Israel Are Extremely Dangerous


Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Congresswoman, is the leader of the self-important Sour Rangers.

AOC is a volatile mixture of ignorance, hypocrisy, and idealism. She knows how to use all of this for herself and the Democrat Party. She is only interested in eliciting a chorus of “yas-queens” of gullible people and giving direction to leftist radical NPCs when they are in need of new orders.

AOC was on CNN to send a message to the left, telling them that they should support a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Arama pointed out that AOC’s interview was full of contradictions, and CNN’s Abby Phillip even pushed back cautiously against her.

AOC claimed that Israel has a right to self-defense, but then went on to undermine that claim by blathering and spouting about collective punishment. They also said we should think about our “goal.”

Phillip said Israel’s aim is to eliminate terrorists. It’s an easy concept. AOC’s response is typical of a leftist. They don’t want Israel to deal directly with terrorists. Phillip asked AOC how Israel would deal with terrorists who don’t react if Israel didn’t “go into there and take them directly.” Israel has tried everything, including reasoning. Hamas wants to wipe out the entire population of Earth.

What does AOC actually do? Israel is accused of “indiscriminate attacks.”

This interview can reveal one of two things about AOC, and neither is good.

AOC may be confused by what Israel does to Hamas and what America did in the Middle East. She compares it to what the U.S. called its war on Afghanistan, a “peacekeeping effort.”

Israel does not keep the peace…it destroys. Israel is currently engaged in a conflict with an evil entity whose stated goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and kill everyone living there. It’s not a matter of putting down a terrorist group that has rooted itself in a Middle East region, but a government that controls the adjacent territory of Gaza.

Hamas’ actions against Israel were beyond horrifying. Hamas killed, tortured, kidnapped, burned, and destroyed anyone and everything they encountered, whether it was Israeli or not. This attack was prompted by the fact that Israel existed. AOC wants AOC to talk about “indiscriminate attacks?” Hamas’ demonstration will be remembered as the “definition” of this phrase for many years to come.

This is not a reason to give a radical group a slap and send them running. As I said in an earlier article, war’s purpose is not to respond proportionally, but rather to eliminate your enemy, or to inflict such a series of crippling blows on them that they will never attack you again. Hamas is fighting a holy battle, and Israel’s only real option is to eradicate them.

AOC may also be aware of what she is doing and wants her supporters to exert pressure on other leaders and others to make Israel back down again with their own threats and promises. Hamas will benefit from this, as they can continue their terrorist attacks while Israel has its hands tied behind its back.

I’ll show you some of AOC’s past statements if her support for terrorist attacks on Israel is a bit over the top.

She said in 2019 that Palestinians should protest against Israel because Israel oppresses the Palestinians.

“I think that injustice is a danger to all people because if you have a marginalized group, and they are marginalized again and again — if someone does not have clean water to drink, then there is no other choice than to riot.”

Hamas doesn’t riot. They murder when they are angry. And they’re always angry. AOC calls these acts “rioting” which is odd.

AOC cosponsored a resolution in the same year that was sponsored by open antisemite Ilhan Omar, a fellow member of the “Squad”, defending boycotts against Israel via the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), campaign. The previous week, they voted against a BDS resolution.

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in 2021 to fund Iron Dome, a system that destroys rockets fired by Hamas, before they reach innocent Israeli civilians. AOC not only voted “no” initially, but later changed her voting to “present”, and was then seen crying about the fact that funding was approved.

What is her reasoning?

She said: “It caused a sense of horror and panic amongst those who normally engage in thoughtful discussions in our community, and fuelled the discussion so that it devolved to the point that the discussion became clear that the vote would risk a serious devolution of good faith community fabric which allows us to join responsibly in a fight for human rights everywhere – from Palestine and The Bronx to Queens and The Bronx,” she said.

AOC believes that there should be a debate about it.

This is disgusting.

AOC either doesn’t understand the war or the reasons Israel must wage it. Her words are a way to put political pressure on Israel so Hamas continues its evil work. I’m unsure if this is a case where there’s a middle ground.

AOC is the new Democrat Party, and it’s important that American voters, particularly Jewish voters, recognize this. AOC does not love Israel, and she seems to be very prejudiced towards the Jewish community. Israel cannot sneeze or cough without AOC, her followers, and others accusing Israel of “apartheid”, and crimes against humanity.

It’s high time that voters recognize her, and her new-wave Democrat cohorts, for what they really are. They should turn away from them.