Newsom Witnesses Theft in Target, Reacts in a Wild Manner – A Glimpse into His Character


How bad has it gotten under Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in California?

Newsom gave an excellent example of how bad the situation is.

Newsom spoke on a Zoom call to discuss a mental health ballot initiative that will be voted on by voters on March 5. Newsom told the story of how he witnessed someone shoplifting in a Target store. When he asked the Target employee to stop him, he received a response that he did not expect.

The worker said they didn’t pursue the shoplifter due to the governor. They did not realize that this was the same governor who had stated there was no accountability.

Newsom claims that he told Newsom that the threshold of $950 for grand theft is the “10th most difficult threshold” in the United States.

Newsom then claimed that she wanted to take pictures. He claimed he had told her that he wouldn’t be taking any photos, and asked where her supervisor was.

I don’t believe this for a second; if he was the one she blamed, I doubt that she would want to take pictures with him except maybe to rag him.

Newsom then said that he wondered why he spent $380 while everyone else left.

Newsom is so self-aware that he does not seem to be aware of what is happening. Newsom’s employees are told to ignore shoplifters because there will be no consequences.

Newsom is more upset by the fact that the worker blamed him than he is about the Democratic policies that have caused this problem.

He is upset with her and has called the manager. He’s kidding, right? It’s not their fault.

Governor Newsom was the Democratic governor at that time. Newsom’s comments show that Jerry Brown has no clue what is going on under his watch. He’s also defended Proposition 47. In the past, he has defended Prop. He claimed as recently as January 15, that this wasn’t the cause of the problem.

Newsom’s last thought is perhaps the worst part: Why should he pay for his $380 purchase if no other person has to? This is a very Democratic thought. Instead of asking how this could have happened, or what he should have done to prevent it from happening in the first place? He is so lost that he does not realize how awful this makes him appear.

All the people who are listening laugh, and they do not seem to be concerned about what Newsom is saying or the state of California.

MorosKostas, a user of X, wrote:

This is hilarious. This is hilarious.