DeSantis Secures Total Victory Over Disney as Last Attempt by ‘The Mouse’ Goes Down in Flames


Gov. Ron DeSantis was elated on Wednesday after Disney’s final ditch lawsuit against him in federal court was dismissed.

The judge has dismissed the much-ballyhooed lawsuit against the governor due to a lack of standing and the plaintiff’s failure to state a claim. The battle with “The Mouse” has been won.

DeSantis was right at every stage, even when his critics on the right boasted that this lawsuit proved that the governor had “lost” against Mickey Mouse. It was absurd and there was no guarantee that the lawsuit would be successful.

They should then apologize and speak up again.

Nikki Haley also needs to update her remarks. I thought it was a low point for her to have invited Disney to move to South Carolina instead of siding with the conservative and successful Republican Governor. Let’s just leave it at that.

No matter what, sometimes winning takes time. It doesn’t matter, winning sometimes takes time.

I’m not sure if I’m not a little annoyed about this. Republicans have done well in the last half-decade. Those who called themselves allies were shocking for taking Disney’s side, and for trashing DeSantis because of their political conceit. This was never meant to happen. Those responsible should be taken less seriously next time.