Bombshell Leak of Recording Escalates Crisis for Fani Willis


Do not swing if your body isn’t prepared to take a punch. Fani Willis has learned this lesson the hard way. Willis, who lived in the Fulton County bubble on the left-wing extreme, thought she was untouchable. She was so untouchable, that she believed she could file a ridiculous RICO case against an ex-president without having her own house in order. And boy, her house is out of order.

Willis, as we reported previously, is caught up in a scandal of corruption involving the payment of the man with whom she had an affair using state funds. A leaked recording just made matters worse for Willis.

A new report suggests that Willis fired a whistleblower who was trying to stop illegal activity. Amanda Timpson was worried that Michael Cuffee was bragging on the recording about using federal grants for “swag”, and other unallowed expenses.

Timpson reported that Michael Cuffee planned to spend a portion of the $488,000 federal grant, which was intended for the creation of the Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention, on “swag”, computers, and travel.

Timpson said to Willis during a meeting on Nov. 19, 2021: “He kept asking me, ‘We cannot do that’.” He said to everyone… “We’re getting MacBooks, we are going to receive swag, and we will use the money for travel.” I told him, “You can’t do that, it’s a very specific grant.”

Willis replied, “I’m not saying that your assessment is wrong.” Willis replied, “I don’t say that your assessment is incorrect.”

Willis was sympathetic during the conversation and admitted that Timpson’s account of events wasn’t necessarily incorrect. Just two months later, Willis fired Timpson, and armed guards escorted her out of the office. Later, she would claim that the employee was an old holdover and didn’t “meet the standards of the new management.”

Timpson claims that Willis terminated her abruptly less than two months after the incident and had seven armed investigators accompany her out of her office. Timpson’s whistleblower complaint claiming wrongful termination was filed the following year. Willis’s Office issued a press release describing Timpson as a “holdover” from the previous administration who was terminated due to her “failure of meeting the standards of the new administration”.

Willis’ conduct in this or other cases is so corrupt that it’s hard to believe she hasn’t been corrupted. She has set up a fiefdom for herself in Fulton County and believes that she is above reproach and the law.

She should have kept her distance from the public if she wanted to continue this swindle. She decided to try and elevate herself (no question, she has greater political ambitions), but now she is under scrutiny. The truth is not pretty.

At this point, I’m not sure how she can continue to lead the prosecution of Donald Trump. She has exposed herself not only as a political operative but also as one who is extremely corrupt. Ironically, the former president may have the best chance of beating the charges if she continues to be involved.