Networks Declare Katie Hobbs Winner, Kari Lake Calls BS


After six days of counting votes, Decision Desk HQ declared that Arizona’s gubernatorial race was won by Katie Hobbs (Democrat) Monday night at just after 9 p.m. EST.

Caroline Wren was Kari’s senior advisor. She had looked at ballots from heavily Republican areas. She stated that Hobbs had no mathematical advantage and that Lake could not overcome Hobbs’ small advantage.

“Wow! They won Kari Lake’s election.” Trump shared a post on Truth Social, stating that it was “really terrible out there.”

Trump isn’t the only one concerned.

Officially the Arizona Republican Party charged Maricopa County election officials with voter suppression.

Maricopa County has caused voter suppression in Arizona.

Kari lake has not yet given up the race to Kari due to all the issues that plagued this election.

She tweeted late Monday evening, “Arizonans recognize BS when it occurs.”

Many have expressed disapproval at Katie Hobbs’s slow-moving count and her inability to take over as candidate oversight.

There are still some members of the party who doubt the validity of the election. Ari Fleischer (ex-White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush) urged Lake not to do the same as Stacey Abrams and Donald Trump. It’s better to be gracious when you lose and to be magnanimous when winning.

It doesn’t matter what happens, Arizona’s election process is a disaster. Rasmussen Reports poll found that 57% believe cheating could have affected this year’s midterm election results. This includes 49%, of Democrats.