MSNBC in Shambles, New Prime-Time Host Alex Wagner’s Ratings Tumble


MSNBC is in chaos because Rachel Maddow hosts “The Rachel Maddow Show”, her prime-time program only once a week. Wagner appeared recently on HBO’s “The Circus”, which featured people who covered the Democratic primaries as well as “analyzing” Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Alex Wagner Tonight” has averaged 1.6 million viewers over two weeks. In contrast, in “The Rachel Maddow Show”, with 2.6million viewers, Wagner lost more than 30% of Maddow’s audience.

This was Wagner’s message before her MSNBC prime-time slot.

“I want to reach as many people as possible. That means I have to put on a high-quality show. ”

“I don’t want to ignore what’s happening in the country to Asian Americans… My mom, 78, doesn’t feel at ease walking down the street from her swing district home. Because of their appearance, people feel they could be pushed onto a train track or taken off a subway station. This is not just a problem for me, but for the entire society.”

When Karen K. Ho of “The Cut” asked Wagner about what it felt like to join the cohort, she said:

“It’s insane. I feel so honored to be one of them. And also, that’s got to change.” Ho responded saying “it’s happening. You’re in the group now.” Wagner said, “I know. Let’s hope I can stay here.”

While Wagner was an excellent reporter on HBO’s “The Circus”, she did not earn the prime-time slot. However, I believe her downfall came when she attacked Christianity and opened her MSNBC program. Even for MSNBC viewers, it seems that religious bigotry does not seem to be popular. Wagner’s show seems primarily to be about demonizing DeSantis, and other Republicans she disagrees with. While this would be fine, the problem is that Wagner claims to be a journalist. A journalist should report the truth as much as possible, with no bias, credit where credit is due, as well as be objective. Wagner is currently biasedly reporting on the news every night. Wagner and many mainstream media hosts shouldn’t be considered journalists like most Fox News hosts. Her best description would be as a television personality.

Some claim she doesn’t encourage Democrats to vote. She says she is a journalist whose job is to report facts.

She can make things better, but she must also report the facts. Similar to NewsNation’s reporting, her ratings will plummet if she continues to worship and attack GOP members. She is not popular among regular MSNBC viewers but rather among “The Circus” viewers. This is because her views are completely different from what she presents on MSNBC.