Garland Doubles Down on Cover-up of FBI Misconduct in Mar-a-Lago Raid


When they raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago house, the Biden administration made a huge mistake. Since then, they have been accused of impropriety and polling shows that people believe the raid was motivated by politics. It is hard to believe that the Biden administration was involved in a cover up.

Additionally, many FBI employees have come forward to reveal the bureau’s blatant politicalization, including the allegations that they stopped an investigation into Hunter Biden prior to the election. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, also claimed that Facebook would not have suppressed Hunter Biden’s laptop story if they hadn’t been warned by the FBI.

The Justice Department is the center of attention right now. Republicans have promised multiple investigations to uncover the truth about the militarization and politicization of America’s top law enforcement agency. Unfortunately, the Justice Department is also hard at work trying to cover its corruption.

Tuesday’s directive was issued by Attorney General Merrick Garland to remind everyone at the Justice Department that they should not communicate with Congressmen.

Garland attempts to hide his true motives by insisting whistleblowers will still be able to speak out. It doesn’t take a genius or a gifted person to see the details and understand what is going on when the Attorney General sends a memo reminding employees not to speak to Congress.

Mike Davis, founder and president of Article III Project, notes with great accuracy that Garland didn’t order “a similar gag” on the improper and illegal Justice Department leaks. Davis believes that this supports the notion that Garland is involved in a coverup of FBI misconduct by intimidating whistleblowers using a directive disguised to remind them of policy.