Border Chief Places Blame for Migrant Crisis Squarely at the Feet of Joe Biden


Raul Ortiz, Chief of the US Border Patrol, attributed the current illegal immigration crisis to President Biden. He claimed that Joe’s “no consequence” border policy has resulted in an unprecedented increase in illegal immigration. Ortiz was recording a deposition in response to a lawsuit filed by Ashley Moody, Florida Attorney General, against the Department of Homeland Security. Ortiz was asked if the flow was caused by lax enforcement.

It is assumed that increases can be seen if migrants are informed that there is the possibility that they might be released.


This is after Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, had an argument Monday with Peter Doocy, Fox News reporter about illegal aliens crossing the border easily. Jean-Pierre stated, “That’s not the way it works.” “It’s certainly not like someone walks by.” Bill Melugin, Doocy’s Fox colleague, wasn’t happy with the situation and tweeted: “That’s exactly what’s happening at the border. We don’t know how many videos we need to show multiple times per day to make this point.

While the Biden Administration may pretend there is no border crisis, videos such as the one Melugin posts regularly on Twitter and Ortiz’s testimony make it impossible to ignore the issue. Although the testimony was given in July, it was not released by the Florida Attorney General until Tuesday.

While many of Ortiz’s answers are straightforward yeses, it is still very effective when the questioner asks loaded questions. Let the transcript speak for itself.

Speaker1: Chief Ortiz, would you agree that illegal immigration to the United States is a growing problem?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: Are they turning in people because they think they will be paroled?

Ortiz: They are probably turning themselves in to get out of prison. Yes.

Speaker1: Did the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States rise or fall after President Biden was elected?

Ortiz: Increase.

Speaker1: In 31 years of Border Patrol experience, has it ever encountered as many people in one year as it will in 2022?

Ortiz: No.

Speaker1: Does the current crisis at the southern border make it less secure for Americans and foreigners?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: Does this document suggest that illegal aliens entering the United States believe they can enter and stay in the country after President Biden’s election?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: Why is it important that demographics are detained and removed so they can be used by the Border Patrol?

Ortiz: You want to ensure you have consequences.

Speaker1: Okay.

Ortiz: I have observed increases in our experience when there are no consequences.

Speaker1: If migrant populations believe there are no consequences, then more people will cross the border. Is this what you are referring to?

Ortiz: It is possible to see increases if migrants are informed that there is the possibility that they might be released.

Speaker1: The flow of people will only increase exponentially if you don’t detain and remove those who are tolerant. Is this what you are suggesting?

Ortiz: Yes, I think it will.

Biden Administration actively attempted to undermine border security. They humiliate agents by making false claims that they whip border crossers off their horses. The regime also attempted to block efforts of the Texas National Guard to stop this flow. According to Daily Mail, almost 4.9 million illegals entered the U.S. in the 2021 period after President Joe Biden was elected. The historic influx has been attributed to border policing, which has “no consequence” for those who commit crimes in American cities.

It is hard to believe that Biden will be awakened to the terrible consequences of his toothless policies unless there is a tragedy such as the one in which 53 migrants died in a hot truck. Biden has not been moved by the deaths in America at the hand’s illegal immigrants, nor by the economic devastation caused by importing a large portion of the Irish population without regard to their ability to provide for themselves.