More Troubling Info on Uvalde as Interior Images Show Police Had More Firepower Than Originally Thought


We previously reported that Robb Elementary’s internal surveillance video revealed that responding officers didn’t attempt to open any classroom doors that were occupied by the shooter or his victims during the attack on May 24, 2005.

The shooter had been shooting outside for 12 minutes and didn’t meet police intervention. Police then followed the shooter into a locked backdoor. The Border Patrol team entered the room after they sat there for over an hour.

Police claimed they attempted to enter the room before being stopped by gunfire. Now we know that they did not even attempt to do so and chose to retreat like cowards and abdicate their duty to protect and serve.

A mother who went to school to save her children discovered that the shooting continued well after police arrived. This contradicts the initial police claim that the shooter had killed all children within minutes.

The additional disturbing footage was revealed in Monday’s disturbing footage. Interior footage showed responding officers in the school with guns and a ballistic shield at 11:52 AM. The shooter arrived within 19 minutes and officers were inside the school almost an hour later.


Multiple officers can be seen inside the building with their rifles and a maximum of one ballistic shield. This was 19 minutes after the gunman arrived. They didn’t enter the building.

This is an important development, according to investigators. It suggests that they had sufficient firepower and protection to get into the classroom before they did.

The Texas DPS revealed that officers took over 70 minutes to confront the shooter in Texas. This led to the scrutiny of the May 24 response by law enforcement. Students trapped in the building dialed 911 to seek help.

According to the most recent timeline, officers entered the classroom around 12:50 p.m. The shooter entered the classroom at 11:33 a.m.

KVUE has a video explaining the entire timeline:

According to audio from the bodycam video, officers got impatient with their responses.

Why they waited so long is still unknown.