Pride Month, Japan Proves It’s Far Less Woke Than America


Japan has a lower enlightenment level than the United States.

Monday, Pride Month — Judge Doi Fumi of Osaka District Court made a ruling on gay marriage. The question was whether the country’s refusal to allow gay marriages was a violation of its constitution.

Three homosexual couples filed a discrimination suit. Each couple sought one million yen ($7.400).

According To The Associated Press, they are not the only ones to have hired legal counsel.

These plaintiffs were one of 14 couples who were same-sex couples and brought suit against government officials in five cities: Fukuoka Fukuoka Fukuoka and Sapporo Tokyo Nagoya Fukuoka in 2019 for violating rights to equal and free marriage.

Last year, a Sapporo court ruled that the marriage situation was not constitutional.

Nevertheless, Judge Doi of Osaka says, it does not conflict with Article 24.

The AP examines Japan’s cultural situation.

Japan is slowly increasing its support for sexual diversity. However, there are no legal protections available for transgender, bisexual, or lesbian people at home, work, and school. Many people hide their sexuality because of this.

The conservative governing party defeated the bill.

Osaka’s court claimed that the 1947 constitution’s freedom to marry provision only applies to heterosexual unions. The judge has a more traditional view of marriage.

Judge Fumi Didi stated that heterosexual couples can marry. This was done to protect the couple who have and continue to have children. There are other ways to protect same-sex relationships.

In the past, marriage was a way of raising children. Judge Doi’s ruling would have been appropriate a few years back.

Despite Japan’s court’s decision it encouraged parliament to look for ways to protect gay relationships and legalize same-sex marriages.

For the moment, gay marriage is prohibited.

A news conference was hosted by Akiyoshi Taka who stated that a win would have encouraged parliamentary action.

He stated, however, that it was not his intention to be discouraged.

The plaintiffs plan to appeal.

According to the AP, Japan is one of seven industrialized countries that does not recognize same-sex marriages.

However, culturally it is still catching up.

Japan’s public opinion supports legalizing same-sex marriage.

Japanese law states that a same-sex couple can’t inherit the property, houses, or assets of another. They do not have parental rights over their children.

More than 200 Japanese municipalities (or 12%) have issued non-legally binding partnership certificates to gay couples since 2015. This was first done by Tokyo’s Shibuya.

Tokyo’s metropolitan governments recently approved a plan that allows registrations by couples of sexual minorities who are seeking certificates of partnership. It will be available from October.

Although America is not the best country for education, it leads the way in waking up.

Why is Japan so far behind?

While there are many theories out there, a new one will be the most popular.