Is Kamala Harris Planning a Coup to Oust Biden?


Although we’ve been aware of tensions between Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, for some time now Dick Morris, former strategist to President Bill Clinton believes Biden’s aides have begun to leak damaging stories about Harris in fear that Harris will invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden.

Morris quotes a New York Times article that dismissed Harris as not ready to be on prime-time because Harris antagonizes her staff members and botches her crossing. Morris believes that the leak came from the Biden forces.

Morris also said that he heard rumors from White House officials that Biden’s dementia was getting worse.

Morris wrote, “I believe there may have been a move to invoke the 25th Amendment and replace Biden with Harris.” “Biden’s supporters are retaliating by shooting at Harris, saying she isn’t ready to run for president,” Morris writes.

Morris said that the Democrats are beginning to realize they’re not good enough in 2022… They will lose control of the House. They might lose the Senate. There is a panic among Democrats, I believe.

Biden’s supporters have plenty of reasons to believe that Kamala could pull off such a stunt. Biden’s cognitive decline and age are major liabilities to the party. A recent New York Times report indicates that there is growing concern about Biden’s health and that some believe they have no chance of holding on to power in 2024 if Biden is removed. These problems will only get worse.