Engage with the Reparations Debate: Dismantling “White Privilege” Means Confronting Uncomfortable Realities. Let’s Discuss, Not Dodge.


Did you know the concept of reparations was “sacred”? Did you know if you are against reparations for slavery you have a “white privilege”? I didn’t either. It’s probably because it is nonsensical.

PBS released Monday a new America Reframed document about reparations. The taxpayer-funded network went full throttle with bad faith smears and stereotypes of those who are against such measures.

Paulson is shown in the video asking “What will we face as we embark on this sacred mission?”

Mitch McConnell, a senator, began the montage by saying, “Yeah I don’t believe reparations are a good idea for something that occurred 150 years ago and for which none of us living today is responsible.”

Sarah Eisner, descendant of slave-owners and current member of the Reparations Project claimed that it was actually “fear”. What are you going take away from me?

No. No. This is a ridiculous accusation. Fear is not the emotion. It could be disgust, anger, frustration or even fear. It’s time to face the elephant in the living room: Many white people are tired being blamed for the nation’s problems throughout American history. This call for reparations – taking money from people who never owned slaves, and giving it people who never were slaves – only increases this frustration.

Now, I am in favor of reparations. I believe that any slave alive today is entitled to some financial compensation, which should come from those who held him or her in slavery. All those people are now dead. Since a century, or even longer, they’ve all been dead. This issue is literally dead. The whole concept of “white priviledge” is a huge straw man which should be demolished and burnt. It holds that a black Harvard educated attorney who lives in a Manhattan Penthouse lacks the advantages that a white coal miner in Appalachia has. The idea itself is absurd.

I have some questions for those who support reparations to compensate the victims of slavery in America.

Who can receive reparations? What is the definition of “descendants” of slaves after 150 years of intermarriage? Bring back the “One Drop Rule”? Does someone who is indisputably black, like Barack Obama, get half of a payment for their mother?

Does Barack Obama who has a $70 million net worth qualify? Should the reparations payment be split betweenwhite mechanics, fast-food workers, and shopkeepers with a net-worth of tens or even single digits to pay his half?

What about the black immigrants who came to America after 1865? What about people from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda? Does it matter if the person is black or a slave from America?

How indeed do we establish descendency? Ancestry.com profiles are not acceptable to me. We do not have a database of DNAsamples from slaves or freed slaves.

No, I don’t fear reparations. I’m tired of the constant demands, for various reasons, that money be taken from those who earned it and given to those who did not. This latest idea is even more stupid than the rest; it takes money from people who never owned slaves and gives it to people who never were slaves. If you don’t agree with it, then you are guilty “white privilege.”

It is pure balderdash. This is codswallop. If anyone objects, they are obviously afraid of 19th century synonyms for stupid.