Marjorie Taylor Greene Trolls Kamala Harris


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has been feeling quite good these last few weeks.

Her reprimand of Jim Acosta, a CNN reporter, was captured on video. A judge ruled earlier this month that her claims against her, which were made by a group of radical leftists to throw her off the ballot for her involvement in the Capitol riot, had no merit. Greene, along with many pro-life conservatives is excited to learn that the Supreme Court draft majority opinion leak revealed that the 1973 Roe V. Wade abortion ruling may be reversed.

Greene was probably motivated by the good feeling of being on both sides of multiple arguments to use Twitter Monday to troll Vice President Kamala Harir, who like her boss hasn’t had much political speaking to smile about in quite some time.

Here’s what Greene tweeted

Many readers will remember that Harris posted her support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund in the summer of 2020, as Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led riots erupted in Democrat-run American cities in protest of George Floyd’s death. This fund was set up by left-leaning professional agitators to expel those who looted small and large businesses and torched entire blocks of Minneapolis without any regard for the safety of its residents.

In the immediate aftermath of the Minneapolis fire-fighting and rioting, many frustrated citizens, including seniors, were interviewed on television cursing the rioters and crying about the damage they had done. Harris was not among them, although she had dropped out of the presidential race at that time and was being considered as a potential vice-presidential pick for Joe Biden. She was urging her supporters to contribute to the rioter bailout funds.

Harris, who was a former prosecutor, is no doubt an expert on how these types of funds are used. This money is used to bail out the most serious offenders arrested during peaceful protests. However, these same offenders often go on to do more wrongdoing than they were initially arrested for. The Minnesota bail fund was able to bail out a twice-convicted sexual offender, a woman who was charged with second-degree killing, and two men who were involved in violent attacks on seniors.

Greene’s tweet served as a timely reminder of the fact that, unlike the false accusations of “inciting” the Capitol riot made against Greene and others. The people who claim to be most outraged by what happened on Jan. 6, 2020, are in fact guilty in many minds of much worse. This was repeatedly reminded after the leak from SCOTUS.