Twitter Exec Bad Mouthing Musk Over Having Aspergers


Project Veritas released a video on Monday from a senior Twitter engineer that was shocking — it showed bias and censorship on Twitter. Siru Murugesan, the engineer, stated that the employees were “super left, left, left, left”. “Comical as f**k”, admitting that they were censoring more the right than the left.

Another video was released by them, this time capturing Alex Martinez, a Twitter executive. They identify him as a “lead partner” and say that they believe in something “good for the earth” and not just “give people freedom of speech.”

Martinez’s comments are a fascinating window into the psychology and politics of leftists who have had control over Twitter. Martinez says Elon Musk will have trouble responding to questions about why he is removing the disinformation policies that Twitter has. Martinez mocked Musk and said what he thought he would reply. They must tell us what we should think.

He mocked Musk further, saying he was special and had “Aspergers.” “So I can’t even take what you are saying seriously.” This is the same guy who was talking about how Twitter had to be controlled to do what was “good” for the planet — and he’s making an intolerant comment about Musk. Implicitly, any other person with Asperger’s? That’s disgusting. Is that liberal inclusivity? It’s impossible to be active because it’s always about the political narrative which is anti-Musk.

The best part of the video is at the end, where they talk about Project Veritas going out on dates with people to inquire about this type of stuff. However, this guy fell for it and doesn’t know what it means.

After the video was dropped, “Aspergers” became a trending topic on Twitter.

Musk replied.

If Musk’s deal goes through, that’s going to be a bad idea for him.