5 Ways Johnny Depp Lawyer Wrecked Amber Heard on Cross-Examination


Camille Vasquez, the secret weapon attorney on Johnny Depp’s team from Brown Rudnick, was unleashed on Amber Heard today during the 50 million dollar defamation trial in Virginia, where the Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing his ex-wife. Vasquez made a splash on social media with her brutal cross-examination, which started late in the afternoon on Monday after a ten-day break. Viewers were getting worried that the cross wouldn’t happen until Tuesday, but it finally did–and no one was prepared for how Vasquez came out swinging at the Magic Mike XXL starlet.

Johnny won’t look at her for that reason.

Vasquez shared the story of why Johnny Depp couldn’t even glance at Heard once. Mr.

Heard replied “Not that I’ve seen,”

“You know why Mr. Depp won’t look back at you, don’t you?” Heard claimed that she knew exactly why Mr. Depp would not look back at me until Vasquez asked the next question.

The Divorce Settlement Charity Story…

Vasquez confronted Heard about the lies she claimed about donating her 7 million dollar divorce settlement to charity. Not pledged. Donated–the seven million dollar settlement for divorce to charity ”

Heard stated, unbelievably, that he used pledged or donated synonyms with each other. ”

Vasquez said, “But I don’t. Vasquez said, “But I don’t. Heard stated, “That’s the way donations get paid.” It was absurd, as a pledge is not a promise of payment but a promise that you will make the payment.

Vasquez replied that Miss Heard respectfully was not my question.”

Vasquez presented the hard evidence. Heard then ran around town, telling everyone she could that she “donated” the $7 million settlement to sick children and the ACLU.

How did “abuse” photos end up in People magazine?

Heard said that she didn’t give People magazine multiple photos that were taken with her smartphone. These photos were used to prove that Heard was a battered spouse.

Vasquez asked: “You gave these photographs to People magazine after your public accusation of Mr. Depp of domestic abuse?” Heard: “I don’t know if you personally said no. However, I did provide these photos to my …” lawyers and my representatives. ”

Vasquez laughed incredulously and said, “So it’s your testimony, Miss Heard, that your lawyers gave this photograph of your client to People magazine during a contentious divorcement?” ”

Heard denied she gave the photos to People. This testimony was absurd.

The text message catastrophe was next

Vasquez pointed at the many photos Heard took with Depp asleep. Heard said that Depp was “passed out” because of drug use. Vasquez also pointed out that Heard has lots of photos of her battered face and body. But, she did have some photos of Depp.

Do You remember Amber saying that Johnny beat her repeatedly even though she was wearing rings and there wasn’t a scratch on her skin?

Heard claims Depp punched her in her face while she was wearing rings. However, Vasquez has a video of Vasquez verifying this with Heard. Heard then shows Vasquez a photo of Depp after she was beaten with the rings.

Vasquez asked: “Is there any injury to your face in this picture?”

“Not that this picture shows. ”

This class will teach you how to impeach witnesses.

These were only a few of the many beatings Vasquez dealt with Heard today. I am sure that tomorrow it will only get worse.