Man Who Murdered His Parents Will Serve His Time as a Woman


A man identifying himself as a woman was transferred to the women’s section in a Maine prison. This type of thing is quite common in other states. Nevertheless, this was a very unsettling crime.

Andrew Balcer is a Maine resident and a convicted murderer. Reduxx reports that on Halloween night in 2016, Balcer, then 17, stabbed his mother and father and then killed the family dog. He woke up his mother claiming he was having problems sleeping. As she embraced him he stabbed her. Then he killed his father before murdering a pet chihuahua. He spared his older brother because “it was not his day.” He laughed as he confessed his crime to a police officer.

I snapped. I took my little Ka-Bar [military combat knife] there and I drove it straight into my mother’s back,” Balcer said. “My father came up because he heard her screams and I stabbed the f**k out of him. Oh, I killed the dog, too. It was barking.

Balcer, now Andrea claimed that he was subject to sexual and physical abuse by his parents. His brother strongly denied this. He also claimed his parents didn’t support his gender transition and used that as a motivation for his crimes.

Balcer’s brother said that Andrew Balcer was a remorseless murderer and begged the court not to show any leniency. Balcer’s uncle, his mother’s brother, told the court that there was no issue about Balcer’s parents accepting their son’s gender. He called Balcer’s assertion an insult to the LGBTQ community.

The Judge took into account Balcer’s high grades and his age. The judge did not consider Balcer’s claim of gender dysphoria. His gender has been officially changed from male to female. Balcer was originally listed as a male in Maine’s correctional records. Reduxx claims that Balcer was in the same area where the women live.

Reduxx recommends Balcer’s transfer into LD 1044 legislation, which is sponsored by Charlotte Warren (an ex-state representative and Democrat). This law was passed last. It requires prisons to acknowledge the identity and gender of prisoners, regardless of their “anatomy or physique.” It requires that prisons acknowledge the identity of a person’s gender, regardless of their “anatomy and physique.”

When we hear the word “dystopia”, our minds immediately think of an oppressive and intrusive government.

Wiccans believe you should do whatever you like, but not hurt anyone. Balcer doesn’t believe he’s a woman or that he just used his gender identity for escape.

From drag performers allowing children to stroke their groins to the saga of Andrew Balcer, who seems to be seeking redemption for his crimes by declaring himself to be the opposite sex, when will gender become the profane shibboleth for abandoning standards of personal behavior? Will we reach the point at which any crime or aberrant action will be ignored, minimized, or accommodated to a degree simply because the culprit invokes diplomatic immunity via their preferred pronouns?

If the members of the gender/trans community are serious about their humanity, they must come to terms with the idea of morality. And they must seriously rebuke those who commit crimes under the sanctity of gender. The same is true for those who use gender as a woke flag of superiority. All bets are not off simply because one decides that one is a man, woman, some combination of the two, or a new species altogether.