Man Calls Out Performer During Sexually-Explicit All Ages Drag Show, Ron DeSantis Now Investigating


The DeSantis administration received information about a Florida drag show that was open to everyone and supposed to be family-friendly. An investigation has been opened by the Florida governor.

Drag Queen Christmas has featured an act called “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer”, which simulates sexual sex. Tyler Hansen, a reporter attended one of these performances and published videos to back up the descriptions.

When the show made its way to Florida, activist Chris Nelson attended and called out one of the drag queens during the performance. That led to this scene as reported by The Floridian.

Chris Nelson, a local activist claims that the Show “A Drag Queen Christmas”, was sexually explicit for all attendees. He claimed that there were minors present, several appeared as young as 10 years old.

Nelson told The Floridian that the show’s actors performed sex acts on minors. They also performed the well-known childhood story, “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

Nelson shouted, “This isn’t right!” Nelson yelled “This isn’t right!” when confronted by one of the performers.

Nelson said, “After noticing multiple children in the audience at Drag Queen Christmas, Ft Lauderdale, I called Nina West to report that she invited them to her sexually explicit shows.”

Nelson was eventually asked to leave by sheriff’s deputies, who were providing security for the event. Broward county is one of the most liberal in Florida.

The video was posted online by Nelson. It caused outrage. DeSantis responded. His press secretary released a statement in which he stated that an investigation was underway. DeSantis also stated that Florida children were being exposed to sexually explicit activities as a crime.

The investigation seems to be focused on the owners of the venue. This is the quickest legal way to hold someone accountable.

Still, I wonder whether things end there or if the drag show itself is targeted as well. After all, it’s the show and its performers that are ultimately exposing these children to sexually-explicit content, in violation of the law in a state like Florida.

Regardless, it’s good to see DeSantis taking action and exploring what power he can exercise here. These shows have happened in other Republican-led states (including Texas) and their governors have sat on their hands. It’s not really surprising to see DeSantis once again leading the way, though.