Elon Exposes Twitter Channel About Fauci and other Concerning Questions


My colleague previously reported on Elon Musk’s announcement, which was not very long but at many levels so important. He stated that the “New Twitter Policy is to Follow the Science”, which requires reasoned questioning.

Fauci also called himself the scientist. He explained that anyone who claimed that he was questioning science was not being scientific, as Dr. Anthony Fauci did, and that the scientific method included questioning.

This was a significant change from Twitter’s previous handling of any question about the COVID narrative. Twitter even suspended medical doctors who raised concerns that Twitter didn’t like, and went after misinformation.

Musk addressed some of his concerns regarding Fauci. Musk cited Newsweek’s article that Fauci was lying to Congress about Wuhan Lab Research.

He also raised concerns about Fauci’s wife being the head of bioethics at the National Institutes of Health.

Judicial Watch responded to Musk’s tweet by announcing that they had filed FOIA requests in July for emails between Grady & Fauci.

Musk also pointed out the problems with gain-of-function research, and Fauci reopened it.

Jennifer Van Laar, our managing editor, explained that the restart was done without permission.

Twitter continued to question people, despite all the concerns about Fauci and its narrative. According to Musk, they not only kicked people who asked questions, but they also had an internal Slack channel called “Fauci Fan Club”. It’s no surprise that Twitter did not like Fauci’s questioning.

Talk about a cult. As we reported, Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter.

It is a great step in the right direction to allow questioning to be allowed again. This is both for science and freedom of speech. This is the dangerous path of social media and the government trying to control information.