AOC Shares Post That Invites People to Defend Drag Story Hour in NYC


Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York reportedly shared a post on social media that encourages people to support an upcoming drag story hour event.

Journalist Andy Ngô tweeted a screenshot of a post that he said the lawmaker had shared on Instagram. The post on the Rolling Library account included slides that urged people to “defend Drag Story Hour in NYC” and “help protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right.” The post, which instructs people to wear a mask to the event, says, “Bring rainbow swag, non-amplified noisemakers, musical instruments, joy, and love!”

Another slide states that “A group consisting of violent, loud bigots who have repeatedly harassed, invaded these events in New York City are openly planning disrupt the next Drag Story Hour on Thursday, December 29 at the Jackson Heights Library, Queens.”

It continues, “Queer community members will be there to demonstrate to the fascists that they are not welcome but that children and drag queens are,” Let’s demonstrate NYC’s support for Drag Story Hour, for trans and queer people, and create a welcoming, safe, encouraging and joyful environment for children and their parents as they enter the library.

The same advertisement is also found in a tweet from the United Against Racism and Fascism NYC account.

Although many people find events featuring cross-dressers reading stories for children to their children outrageously inappropriate, leftists embrace the idea.

Eric Adams, New York City Mayor (D), stated that drag storytellers and the libraries that support them are encouraging a love for diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is central to what our city embraces.

“I had the honor to assist with a Drag queen Story Hour in New York” Democratic Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney from New York tweeted in June.

Ocasio Cortez once told a group of drag queens that they were “patriots.”