Maine Bill Sparks Controversy: Stripping Parents’ Rights Opposing Transgender ‘Care’ for Children


You were wrong if you thought that the assault on parental rights was only happening on the left coast. Maine could soon be affected by a bill currently being considered.

HP 1114 is the “Act to Safeguard Gender affirming Health Care” and it completely strips away the rights of any parent who does not want to butcher their child.

The bill summary states that if the law is passed, Maine will refuse to enforce an order from another state removing a minor child from their parent or guardian – but only if they are allowing them to be chemically sterilized or to have their genitals cut off. The bill would also prevent courts from allowing another state to have jurisdiction in such a case if doing so “limits a parent’s ability to obtain gender-affirming health care, or gender-affirming psychological health care for their child and that provision is at issue.”

The worst is yet to come

The bill allows a court temporary jurisdiction if a child is unable to receive gender-affirming medical care or mental health care. The bill prevents a judge from considering whether to take or retain a child away from the person with legal custody if it is to receive gender-affirming medical care or mental health care.

This bill would allow the state to take custody of the child if the parents do not support the so-called “gender-affirming care”. It would also favor the parent who supports the legislation, while the parent who opposes the butchering of their child would have no rights.

The bill prohibits health care providers, health facilities, and state-designated exchanges of health information from disclosing information about individuals or entities that allow a minor to receive gender-affirming health or mental care as a response to criminal or civil actions. This includes foreign subpoenas issued based on a law in another state authorizing action against those who are allowing the child to get “gender-affirming care.” Law enforcement agencies will also be prohibited from extraditing or arresting an individual on the basis

This bill is a horrific violation of parental rights and a shocking breach of the Equal Protection Clause in the U.S. Constitution. Parents who are against this transgender nonsense have their rights completely taken away by the state or a parent who supports butchering their child.

Will it pass? Most likely. Democrats are in control of the Maine House, Senate, and Governorship. A bill that allowed minors to receive hormones or undergo transition procedures without parental consent, was signed into law last year.