Subway Hero Daniel Penny Denied Motion to Dismiss Case by Judge


Daniel Penny, a hero Marine, who slashed a homeless man in the New York subway in May last year, will now face charges of criminally negligent and second-degree manslaughter after a judge rejected his motion to dismiss charges.

Penny has been charged with murder concerning the death of Jordan Neely who terrorized passengers by screaming and demanding money. Penny, along with two other passengers, dragged Neely down to the floor of a subway car. Neely then choked the homeless man. Neely was killed on the spot.

Al Sharpton, the race hustler and racist, was the leader of the mob that demanded Penny’s arrest as a right-winger. Penny stated in an interview he did after the incident. “I was protecting a majority of minorities on that train, and it hurts to be called this.”

Jordan Neely was often seen accosting people on the subway. In one instance, he even assaulted a female.

Documents in court show that passengers were afraid for their lives as Neely yelled and demanded money. Because Neely is black and Penny white, the wheels in justice kept turning on a case which should have never been brought.

Sharpton and the other radical race activists saw this as an opportunity to gain face-time on television and to raise money for their respective racialist organizations.

New York Post

One man shouted into a megaphone, “We’re going to get your arse, cracker!” as he ran around the car. “Daniel Penny was a killer! He is a murderer. You a murderer!

There’s a killer in this car!” The man said, “He choked out a New Yorker!” as the NYPD cleared him away to let the SUV pass.

Thomas Kenniff said Penny’s lawyer disagreed with the court decision to allow the prosecution to proceed, but that they “understand the legal threshold for continuing even an ill conceived prosecution is extremely low.”

Kenniff stated in a press release that “we are confident a jury will render a fair verdict, knowing Danny’s actions of sacrificing his safety in order to protect his fellow riders.” Kenniff wrote in an email that Danny is grateful for all the prayers and support he has received during this difficult time.

Donte Mills – the attorney for the Neely Family – told reporters that Wiley’s decision was a “big victory” after court.

The motion to dismiss was longshot, and confirmed that the decision of the grand jury was not unexpected. Penny is presenting several motions to the judge. These include suppressing statements that he made with the police, and evidence which could be misinterpreted by prosecutors.

Penny will not plead guilty if there is no prison time involved. This is not likely, given the racial nature of the prosecution.