Liz Cheney Discovers That Democrats Won’t Save Her Career


In the hope of saving her reelection, Rep. Liz Cheney sent campaign mailers out to Democrats in her District. Evidently, she believed that her inability to be a Republican due to her involvement in the Democrats’ witchhunt would translate directly into genuine support from Democrats.

It was certainly possible. It’s amazing how many left-leaning people pretend to respect Liz Cheney’s “bravery” in standing up for Trump.

Now Liz Cheney has learned the hard way that she was a useful idiot for Democrat Party by being a member of their partisan Jan.6 Committee. They really don’t regard her any differently than any other Republican, especially after she supported the Supreme Court following Dobbs.

After the Dobbs decision, Cheney tweeted: “I have always stood strongly for life.” “Today’s Supreme Court ruling gives power to the states and people of the state to address the abortion issue under state law,” said Cheney.

Turns out, her left-wing supporters realized that Cheney was not becoming one of them, and they turned against her without blinking an eye.

Rosie O’Donnell responded to Cheney’s tweet, “Just when I started to admire you,”

“Some Democrats said literally that they would vote for Liz Cheney as President just days ago. We have come so far. Don Winslow, author, said how transactional the world has become.

“Just shows that just because you are on one side of an issue doesn’t mean you are a good person. Nicole Sandler, left-wing talk host, observed that she’s still Cheney, ffs.

This is a lesson for Republicans: Don’t be an idiot for Democrats. They’ll turn against you as soon you are done with them. The fact that Liz Cheney believed she could count on Democrats for her career salvation is a sign of how deluded any Republican can think they can gain anything by allying themselves with Democrats in trying to destroy the GOP.