Leftists Turned the Boy Scouts Into an LGBTQ Grooming Organization


The Boy Scouts have been completely destroyed by radical lefts. It began small with the push for gay scoutmasters. This was a success. But that was not enough. The Boy Scouts of America eventually had to admit girls to the organization. Girls could have joined the Girl Scouts, but of course, that wasn’t what the left wanted.

So the Scouts went gay and co-ed. The group bears little resemblance to the Christian-based organization it once was and has become yet another frontier for LGBT groomers to target children.

Over the weekend, fully nude adults were openly permitted to expose themselves to young children in the Seattle Pride Parade, which was led by the Boy Scouts of America.

The videos show that the Boy Scouts of America started the parade with both LGBT pride flags and American flags.

Over the years, there have been many cases of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America. Now we see the LGBTQ movement actively grooming girls and boys to be victims of sexual predators.

As a parent, I would never let my children join the Boy or Girl Scouts, they are clearly a bunch of lunatics trying to groom our children. I hope that other parents keep their children out of the Boy and Girl Scouts so they are not the victims of sexual predators posing to be good people when they’re clearly pedophiles.