Liz Cheney and Her Supporters Learn Zero Lessons From Her Embarrassing Defeat


It was clear by Tuesday night that Rep. Liz Cheney hadn’t just lost her Republican primary; she had been obliterated. The picture was even more clear the next morning, with nearly 40 points showing that Cheney had lost her Republican primary.

The only thing left to do was deal with the reactions. Cheney and her establishment-loving supporters have not learned anything from their crushing defeat. They are actually doubling down on something that clearly did not work.

This is a useful meme to illustrate the point.

Cheney could easily have taken her electoral rebuke and done some reflection to realize that her loss was not about being a Trump critic. She instead rushed to the first leftwing morning program that she could find, showing that she is a true turnip.

Could this be the same “culture personality” that nominated Gov. Despite Trump’s strong opposition, Brian Kemp won Georgia by a wide margin? Or that they overwhelmingly voted in favor of Dan Crenshaw in Texas’s primaries despite Trump supporters claiming he’s like John McCain. It’s almost like Cheney didn’t like the orange guy. Many GOP politicians don’t believe that Trump won the primaries and have never claimed the 2020 election was stolen.

This is really the crux of it all. Cheney and her supporters want Cheney to fall prey to a grossly unfair cult personality that will adore Donald Trump. This is a cartoon of the GOP that works well on CNN and CBS News. But it’s not the truth on the ground.

Cheney isn’t an innocent bystander. She took a position, even though that’s what she wants to portray herself as. Instead, she teamed up with Democrats to promote an evidence-free narrative through the January 6th committee. Do you remember the seven-step plan she promised to prove she had for overturning the 2020 election? We’re only about a dozen hearings into the matter and she hasn’t even provided evidence for step one.

This was evident to Wyoming voters who voted in the past few months. They saw a woman who was not interested in their needs or concerns. They saw a woman who could not be bothered to do more than boost Democrat prospects at a crucial mid-term election to satisfy a petty grievance.

Cheney’s worldview is no longer popular. Republicans are tired of the defense-industry simps that won’t admit to being wrong about any foreign incursions they made. Which was worse for the country? Which was more harmful to the country? The January 6th War or the Iraq War. Even though it’s not close, when you count the bodies, Cheney has never shown even an ounce of attrition. She continues to be adamantly against those who dare call for accountability.

It is simple to see what happened in Wyoming’s GOP primaries. Cheney failed to realize that she had constituents to answer for and instead remained in the DC bubble, awash with delusions of grandeur. Cheney refused to compromise on her most hateful political positions. That is why she will be leaving the House in January next year.

She won’t, and neither will the many “principles first conservatives” on the right, who would not be able to recognize what a principle was if it hit them in the face. Voters matter. You can’t keep spewing in their faces, even to the point where you actively help Nancy Pelosi reach her goals and expect no consequences. Cheney didn’t lose because she opposed Trump. Cheney lost because she actively tried to harm those who elected her. She is a worse person for not owning that.