14 FBI Whistleblowers (and Counting) Can’t Be Wrong


Rep. Jim Jordan (R.I.) said that FBI whistleblowers are appearing like pimples at prom night.

Jordan stated earlier this summer that six whistleblowers had come forward to Congress. Two of them had information on the memo from the school board referring to parents concerned as “domestic terrors” and four others had details about what happened at the Capitol on January 6.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R.Iowa), claimed that in July, FBI whistleblowers visited him to provide information regarding FBI investigations into Hunter Biden’s international business dealings. 51 former “intel experts” told us it smelled like Russian disinformation.

Jordan jokingly said Sunday that “it’s becoming an established trail of agents saying this has to stop, and thank God for them and the American people who recognize it, and they’re going make a big difference on November 8, and I believe they will,” Jordan was referring to the 2022 midterm election behind-the-shed whoopin’ the Dems are likely to suffer in 72 days (but who is counting? ).

What did Christopher Wray, FBI Director, do for patriotic right-leaning FBI agents? He said they had “espoused conspiratorial ideas” and he punished them. At least one of them was fired.

Rep. Jordan responded to Wray’s second letter in June 2022. It contained the following:

We are continuing to investigate claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking to retaliate against FBI employees who engage in disfavored political speech. We sent you a letter on May 6, 2022 that provided examples of FBI employees who were involved in protected First Amendment activities.

You have not yet acknowledged our letter and you have not begun to arrange for the briefing requested. We have received protected whistleblower disclosures from the FBI since our May 6th letter. These revelations suggest that the FBI’s actions may be more widespread than we thought. Multiple whistleblowers called it a “purge,” referring to the FBI’s extermination of employees with conservative views.

You can read the letter better (parts have been deleted):

One example: The FBI targeted ——-, who worked in the FBI’s ——-. They suspended security clearance, and then indefinitely suspended —— pay and duty. ——- shared personal views with the FBI, which led to the FBI not being completely forthcoming about January 6. The FBI concluded that —– “espoused conspiratorial ideas” and “promoted unreliable data which indicates support for January 6.” Therefore, the FBI interrogated —– about their allegiance to the United States.

While letters are a good place to start, Congress must follow up on the matter and keep some feds on the edge of their seats. Law protects whistleblowers. The FBI is not a lost cause if they can be fired without any consequences.