Lieutenant Governor Kicks Off Jewish American Heritage Month with Festive Celebration


One Republican politician believes that May is Jewish American Heritage Month and hopes to use this opportunity not only to honor Jewish culture but to also overcome the antisemitic prejudice plaguing America.

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, who’s also running for Governor, sent out an inspirational message via X on May 1st. The message embodied sentiments that should be shared by Jews and Non-Jews alike, and that exemplify the best in American tradition values and ideals. We must honor Jewish Americans for their many contributions to society, especially as the new Nazism sweeps across the country and stirs up many leftists and conservatives against Israel.

Robinson wrote, “As the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, I am proud that May is Jewish American Heritage Month across our state.” While it’s sad that this month has started with anti-Semitic violence, many Americans agree with Robinson and we should speak out about this.

The candidate for governor continued: “As we come to reflect on the rich tapestry that is Jewish culture, tradition, and achievement throughout the history of our nation, let us reaffirm the commitment to reject all forms of antisemitic hatred, violence, and bigotry and stand with Jewish people across the world as they are subjected to egregious oppression and persecution in the middle of the ongoing Israel/Hamas conflict.”

The Biden administration is funding both sides of this conflict. They are pouring money into Hamas-controlled Gaza, and they act as if they could bring the jihadis who run Gaza to the table and convince them to accept peace. This is pure fantasy. Robinson, unlike Biden’s administration, is clear about his position on Israel. He concluded saying, “Our support for Israel and the Jewish people remains unwavering.” “I’m honored to usher in the period of celebrating the contributions and legacy of Jewish Americans.”

Since the beginning of America’s history, Jewish Americans have fought in America’s conflicts and contributed to America’s success. According to The Times of Israel, for Jewish Whigs, participating, supporting, and fighting in the American Independence War was an opportunity to become part of a new nation and gain equal standing with their counterparts.

George Washington, the first president of our country, was warmly complimented by a Rhode Island Hebrew Congregation. Washington wrote: “May the Children from the Stock of Abraham who live in this country continue to enjoy and merit the goodwill of other inhabitants; and each one will sit in safety beneath his vine or fig tree and there will be no one to make him fear.” This timeless message is as relevant today as it was then.

This is the perfect time for Christians, Jews, and Americans of all faiths to recognize and honor the contributions made by Jewish Americans.