Blinken’s Bungled Middle East Odyssey: A Closer Look


The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who arrived in Israel this week waving a small stick, spoke out loudly. Blinken, who ostensibly represents America’s national interests overseas, is in Israel to help President Joe Biden with his reelection campaign. He also wants to know how Israel’s defensive military action in the Gaza Strip will complicate things at home for Biden.

Blinken again met with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, in an attempt to get a temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Blinken stated that a truce “would give us something on which to build.”

What are the goals of Kemosabe and who is “us”?

Hamas has refused every ceasefire offer and admitted that they do not have enough hostages who are still alive to justify a Jerusalem ceasefire. This includes women, children, and the elderly. Why is Blinken with Bibi asking for something Israel won’t give and Hamas will not?

All comes down to the Big Backfire on Nov. 5th.

The Biden Cabal believed they could win by riding another popular protest. This is not 2020. Hamas ain’t George Floyd. Americans are funny. We respect Israel but despise terrorists, rapists and kidnappers.

SecState Blinken, who has never been a sharp penny in the pantry, is now faced with the impossible task: he must apply pressure he does not have to wrangle a Hamas-rejected ceasefire from Israel, or else his boss risks losing Michigan and Campus Commies which are a growing (and more virulent) part of the Democrat base.

Biden’s bed is now complete with the smallest violin in the world.

Netanyahu is not without his domestic problems. Many Israelis are in favor of a deal that will bring back the remaining hostages. This is assuming they’re still alive, after seven months of Hamas mercies. Likewise, there are also calls to end the major combat operations in the Gaza Strip and make a final sweep of Rafah. These two goals are mutually incompatible, as is the case with many other things that people want.

As the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, Netanyahu’s “poll number has stabilized following Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israeli territory, and it is Biden’s administration that is facing pressure as protests spread to U.S. colleges against Israel’s Gaza Strip war.” The emphasis is added even though it’s not necessary.

You can hear Bibi in your mind with a little effort.

“You and your former boss Barack Obama spent years interfering in Israeli politics to try to remove me — and now you expect me to put aside my country’s concerns about security to save your bacon?” This is hardly kosher.

I am in disbelief that Joe Biden, the man whose polls plummeted, never to recover after his botched bugout from Afghanistan, thought he could leverage a foreign policy misadventure to boost his reelection prospects. Biden’s ego was bigger than his accomplishments, but that wasn’t surprising.