Was Hunter’s Russian Escort Paid for by Joe?


Hunter Biden spent $30,000 to hire Russian escorts. That’s a lot. His accounts were at risk of being red-flagged.

It led to heated text conversations between Eva and Hunter as they tried to recover the money Hunter owed to her escort agency. You can read one of these conversations here.

Hunter paid a lot to UberGFE Russian Escort agencies. GFE stands for “girlfriend experience”, which can be used to describe women who are able to fake it.

GFE stands to men with more money than charm. Hunter is referring to daddy’s wealth.

Hunter was spending strangely-earned profits on Russian escorts. Joe Biden sent Hunter payments totaling $100,000

Joe Biden wired $5,000 his son within three hours of filming a dispute over $10,000 at Boston’s cottage.

Hunter Biden requested Eva to send an expedit to his cottage early January 18, 2019. Eva was contacted by Hunter Biden after the escort arrived to get an estimate on how much it would cost for another eight hours.

Hunter can also hear the woman saying something later in the night on his own video.

Are you hurt? Anything? Are there any bumps on your body? Anything? Are you able to recall me touching you in a negative manner? Ever? Do you recall asking me each time if I could touch you? Every time.

Joe Biden paid it, either inadvertently nor otherwise.

An anonymous user on Twitter, a Texas lawyer who “served in a board position for a non-profit fighting human trafficking,” paints it all in its worst light.

This truth is true.

The woman was being sex-trampled. She was essentially a human slave.

Hunter Biden actively took part in her sexual abuse, and was a source of income for her traffickers.

Joe Biden knew Hunter was poor and couldn’t afford ski rentals. Hunter sent Hunter a message.

Hunter’s proclivities and inclinations are well-known. However, a man who does not spend all his money on Salvation Army will not go broke. Joe supported Hunter’s criminal activities even though he wasn’t privy to all details. However, Joe was able to gain a fair idea of Hunter’s actions.