Liberal Media Admits Fetterman’s Debate Performance Was a Disaster


John Fetterman’s campaign failed, despite their best efforts to lower expectations prior to Tuesday night’s debate.

It was actually so terrible that Fetterman’s campaign quickly made excuses and liberal media even admit it was a disaster.

“John Fetterman has a severely impaired ability to communicate.” “Pennsylvania voters will be discussing this obvious fact even though many media outlets will not,” Joe Scarborough, MSNBC host, tweeted. He added, “This is difficult to watch regardless of one’s politics.”

New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi agreed. “Fetterman’s recovery and health are not under the control of anyone. This is a truly painful thing to see.”

Perhaps even more devastating was Charlotte Alter’s reaction to Fetterman’s words. She had expected him not to be successful but found him worse than she thought. “I spoke with Fetterman recently and expected him to be very poor tonight. He was far worse than I had expected (even worse than we spoke one-on-one. )”

However, Fetterman’s performance was not praised by many left-leaning pundits. Al Weaver, a reporter from The Hill, stated that most left-leaning people are openly admitting it to be a disaster.

“Democrats are asking the same thing post-debate: Why did Fetterman’s team allow him to take the stage tonight? No one I’m talking to on the left has a good thing to say about what just took place,” he tweeted.